Two plays by younger players that impacted the game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I know everyone has talked about the big plays in the game, but there were two plays by young players that caught my eye during the game that are worth mentioning. One bad play and one good play.

    The bad play was on that Tony Romo roll out on 3rd and 1. Parnell turned around and faced the backfield while Harrison ran right past him for the easy tackle for a loss on Romo. I guess he wanted to watch Romo in action because he was quite the spectator on that play. :D


    The good play was when Brown fumbled the punt return. Wilber made a great play and made it easy for Phillips to recover the ball because Wilber not only realized that Phillips was in position to recover the fumble, he also tackled Brown and turned him away from the ball to make it even easier.


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    Good post. Another I enjoyed was the tackle Albright made on the running back

    Haha, didnt notice parnell on that play.
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    yea i figured something was way off on that bootleg. Harrison was faked for a second and parnell only had to chip him.
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    I think Parnell and Free just like helping Romo off the turf. They do it allot.
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    The intent on that play was for Parnell to initially help-block on Harrison and then hand him off to Tyron Smith.

    Parnell was a little over-anxious to get out for an open field block which resulted in Harrison getting away from TS.

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