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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RiggoForever, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Hey guys, I have 2 questions about the Cowboys which I am curious about...if any of you can shed any light on these two things it would be much appreciated!

    1. Why was Jimmy Johnson fired by Jerry Jones after winning a second straight SB? All I ever heard at the time is that there was a power struggle...but over what? Does anybody know what really went down? How did the fans react to the firing when it happened? I would be livid. The Cowboys could have possibly won 4 straight Super Bowls had this not happened, rather then 3 out of 4.

    2. What brought about the decision to switch from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 this year? Is it because Parcells' championship defenses were 3-4, or is this a decision Zimmer made on his own?

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    1. Because Jerry Jones and Coach Johnson did have a power struggle of sorts. Jones was meddling, Johnson didn't care for it and was flirting with the idea of jumping to coach in Jacksonville or Miami from what I recall. Then the infamous drunken statement by Jones stating he could find a hundred coaches to guide that talented team. As far as the fan reaction, all I recall is being in a state of shock and then anger towards Jones for doing it.

    2. Zimmer had nothing to do with the change. It was Coach Parcells deciding to finally install the defense he was most comfortable with and the one that was easiest to assemble and generate pressure.
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    1. Yes, they are unmatched, and yes, we would accept you, although reluctantly.

    2. Absolutely. Only a being from the underworld could giggle in such a maniacal manner.
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    Maniacal? I never see it like that.

    I just think he is a poof.
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    1. Egos

    2. Ego
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    Jimmy claimed his dream job was to take over the Dolphins from Shula. Jerrah didn't like that. They got drunk one night and things were said and they split.

    I've always sided with Jerrah on this one. Jerrah was the one who constructed the Hershel deal and was the one who wanted/insisted Aikman be the starting QB while Jimmy was all for Steve Walsh.

    Not only that, Jimmy and his coaching staff were considered to be a joke when they came into the NFL and it got worse when they went 1-15 their first season. Almost all coaches get fired for that, but Jerrah stuck with Jimmy and was laughed at for doing so.

    And for all of that, Jimmy claimed his dream job was with the Dolphins. Thanks for being grateful, Jimmy.

    Zimmer played no part, he's a career 4-3 guy. The biggest reasons where Parcells' propensity to the 3-4 and the fact that they just have not been able to find a good pass rushing 4-3 DE. They felt it was easier to draft players for the 3-4 and I tend to agree with them. There's so many good but undersized pass rushers in college that they fit very well in the 3-4. The tough parts to find are Nose guards and Strong Safeties, IMHO.

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    The falling out started at an event at a league meeting when Jones happened to walk by a table of NFL coaches and execs, where Jimmy was apparently drinking and taking a bit too much credit for the success of the team, slighting Jones in the process and even making some jokes at his expense.

    That later led Jones to declare that 100 coaches could coach his team to the Super Bowl. He proved it by hiring the 100th best coach available.
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    Actually I always thought Switzer was the 101st worst coach available.
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    I believe the quote was "500 coaches"

    I was living in South Florida when JJ & JJ took over. It was a very strong rumor then that Jimmy wanted the Dolphins when Shula retired. But when he signed an extension, about thtime JJ bought the Cowboys, Jimmy took that, but it was still rumored, only until Shula retired, so JJ time in Dallas according to the Palm Beach Post would have been 4 or 5 years.

    The Palm Beach Post, of all the sports pages I seen around the country, is one of the best and most accurate. I lived there for 14 years, and they were pretty much right on the money, or close, most the time.
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    Jerry was definately right about how great a team that was, and that just about any coach could win a Superbowl with that team.

    Jimmy, on the other hand, totally sucked in Miami!
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    good one!:laugh2:
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    I think most posters got the gist of what occurred.

    But there's no faulting Jerry Jones on this one.

    Jimmy Johnson wanted out of Dallas and his contract, and orchestrated his exit by irritating Jones enough to where Jones made the infamous "500 coaches" statement and Jimmy overreacting to the point where he forced Jerry's hand.

    Even though it is said Jimmy Johnson wanted to take the Jacksonville or Miami job, I believe Johnson was a very calculating man. I think he left because he wanted to go out on top with the Cowboys, and I don't think he really thought the Cowboys could win three straight Super Bowls. I don't think he wanted to taste defeat, not with this strong team. And I think he saw on the horizon how free agency would break up what he built.

    Again, this is just my speculation, but I wonder why Jimmy Johnson wouldn't stay on with the Cowboys to at least try for an unprecedented three straight Super Bowls. He may not have wanted to fail or maybe he left for greener pastures.

    But by leaving, he has become a legend in Dallas not just for what he did but for what he left behind, ensuring that Cowboys fans connected to his generation will continue to talk about him in "what if" conversations and continue to pine for his return.

    This was all a calculated plan by the master psychologist.
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    1) To answer it in a word...No. Jerry Jones did not fire Jimmy Johnson. They actually got together after the "500 coaches" statement and discussed what the media had turned it into and after a lot of discussion (in which they actually thought about leaving enough along and wait till the following year, before discussing whether or not Jimmy wanted to stay.) decided it was best if the two parted company. It was true that during the Super Bowl week, that Jimmy was flirting with the idea and exploring the possibilities of taking the Jacksonville job. True a lot of egos were involved, but ultimately, Jimmy was the one that made the decision to leave.

    2) I believe it was just something Parcells was more comfortable with saw his chance to add more of his type of players.

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