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    This is my first attempt at a Mock, so let me hear your opinions and objections. I will update this every couple of weeks from the feedback.

    1) San Francisco – QB Alex Smith, Utah
    Primary needs – OL, DL, CB, S
    Secondary needs – QB, WR
    Team strengths -- LB
    Commentary – The team doesn’t necessarily need a quarterback. If they end up staying where they are, there is a good chance that it means that they think they need to upgrade at the position and they will go in that direction. Rattay doesn’t have the size and arm strength that you’d wish your franchise QB would have, and he hasn’t been durable.

    2) Miami – OT Alex Barren, Florida St
    Team primary needs – RB, OL, S
    Team secondary needs – QB, DL, WR, LB
    Team strengths CB
    Commentary – There is significant risk with any of the quarterbacks after Leinert, and Miami can’t afford to come up with nothing at the position this high in the draft, especially without having a second rounder this year. The offensive line is in shambles, and they need to start to get that rectified, before any running back or quarterback can be effective. No need to take a running back early, and they will likely be able to get a decent young gun to groom in the third round. Front line is the way to go here.

    3) Cleveland – CB Antrelle Rolle, Miami
    Team primary needs – OT, QB, CB, DE
    Secondary needs – DT, LB, S
    Team strengths – RB, TE
    Commentary – The Browns have a lot of needs in the personnel department, and a lock-down corner is among them. Tackle is the biggest need, followed by quarterback, but with Barron gone, they need to make a pick that will have an impact. Garcia is still capable. It’s not his fault they failed this year. The team should actually look in free agency for a tackle if Barron is gone here. No use reaching badly at the position.

    4) Chicago – WR Mike Williams, (USC)
    Team primary needs – WR, OT, CB, DT
    Team secondary needs – TE, S, OG, LB
    Team strengths – DE, LB, Mike Brown
    Commentary – Chicago has a huge need at wide receiver, as well as needs along the offensive and defensive fronts. There are a few rumors out of Chicago that make it appear that they will go wide receiver here. They have a huge need at the position, and the front office feels that none of the offensive tackles merit discussion here.

    5) Tampa Bay – RB Cedric Benson, Texas
    Team needs – DT, DE, S, OL
    Team secondary needs – RB, WR, TE, QB
    Commentary – With Ronnie Brown’s stock going down this seems like a logical choice. Tampa Bay seems to be a team that isn’t exclusively hurting anywhere, but no position is sured up. If for some reason Mike Williams falls and Benson is gone, they could go WR, possibly OT. Other possibilities: Braylon Edwards WR Michigan, Alex Barron OT FSU, Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma

    6) Tennessee – OT Jamaal Brown, Oklahoma
    Team needs – DL, OL, CB
    Team secondary needs – QB, WR, TE, LB
    Commentary – It’s almost a given that Tennessee will lose at least one of their offensive tackles to the cap this year, and the most likely to go is Miller. Brown can probably play either side, but this is a best case scenario in that Brown can play the right side for a year and then flip to the opposite side when Hopkins reaches the end, much like Carolina has done with Jordan Gross.

    7) Oakland – LB Derrick Johnson, Texas Team needs – RB, S, DE
    Team secondary needs – QB, WR, LB
    Srengths – OL, CB, DT
    Commentary – There is a lot of evidence that the Raiders will go with an offensive skill position at this pick, but Johnson is nice value, and the Raiders are short on linebackers for their 3-4. Johnson would really help out a defense that struggled a bit in their conversion to a 3-4, despite some nice talent on the defensive line.

    8) Arizona – QB Aaron Rodgers, California
    Team needs – RB, OL, DL, QB
    Team secondary needs – LB, S, CB, TE
    Team strengths -- WR
    Commentary – Denny Green simply can’t resist. He took Culpepper when it wasn’t a major need for the Vikings, and he does the same here in Arizona.

    9) Washington – WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
    Team needs – DL, OL, WR, S
    Secondary Needs – QB, LB, TE
    Commentary – The team seems willing to part with Gardner and will need a “move the chains” player for Gibb’s offense to work. What better than a physical playmaking wide receiver?. The team can’t resist helping out an offense that was dismal this year.

    10) Detroit – S Thomas Davis, Georgia
    Team needs – S, CB, LB, OG
    Secondary needs – QB, TE, OT, WR
    Strengths – WR, RB,
    Commentary – Davis is a prospect that a lot of scouts are raving about and just the sort of playmaker in the secondary that Detroit is looking for to bolster the toughness of an improving unit. It’s entirely possible that he will be gone at this time, as his stock is rising.

    11) Dallas – LB Shawne Merriman, Maryland
    Team needs – DL, CB, SS, WR
    Team secondary needs – QB, RB
    Commentary – Shawne has the athletic ability and can fill a need for the Cowboys. He definitely seems like a Parcells type of player. He has the potential to really improve his stock to this position and become a major player for the Cowboys defense.
    This pick works best if Dallas switches to a 3-4 and Merriman can be a outside linebacker in the Boulware/Suggs mold and wreak havoc overall. If the team stays with a 4-3, Spears would be very attractive as a power end to help an under-sized front get bigger, and still stay athletic.

    12) San Diego (via NYG) – DE, Marcus Spears, LSU
    Team needs – OL, secondary, WR, LB
    Commentary – San Diego could use some bolstering on their front line. Spears will help to provide a pass rush from this spot and still be an extremely solid anchor against the run.

    13) Houston – DE Shaun Cody, USC
    Team needs – DT/DE, S, OL
    Team secondary needs – WR, LB, CB
    Commentary – The play of Gary Walker has degraded significantly. Cody is a player that can play the 3-4 defensive end position with ease and will be a solid addition to that front line.

    14) Carolina – RB Carnell Williams, Auburn
    Team needs – OL, S, LB
    Team secondary needs – RB, TE, WR
    Commentary – The team has to get over it’s problem keeping running backs in the lineup. With Davis recovering from a serious injury and likely reaching the end overall and Foster also not able to stay in the lineup and soon to be a free agent, there is more of a need here than it may seem. Kudos to Williams for showing up at the Senior Bowl. It likely vaulted him into the top 10. He showed that he does have the hands and the pass blocking skills to get the job done in a Pro offense. He also showed the football skills that make him a unique running back and make coaches willing to ignore the “measureables. .

    15) Kansas City – CB PacMan Jones, West Virgina
    Team needs – defense, WR
    Commentary – The team needs drastic upgrades across the board on defense, but no more than at corner and defensive end where the team is a disaster. Jones is one of the few corners actually rising on boards right now.

    16) New Orleans –Channing Crowder, ILB, Florida

    Team needs – LB, CB, S
    Team secondary needs, WR, DL, QB, TE

    Commentary – New Orleans struggled overall on defense, but particularly against the run. Crowder should help to fill the void up the middle.

    17) Cincinnati – DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
    Secondary needs – OG, C, defense
    Commentary – The team has all kinds of young talent on offense. Defensively, the team struggled stopping the run and rushing the passer and it all starts up front. As an all-around interior presence, Hawthorne should help with both at the same time. The team will still need to address the pass rush, but a top interior defender is definitely on the menu.

    18) Minnesota – DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
    Team needs – defense
    Commentary – James can play a speed-rush end for Minnesota and provide the pass rush that they so desperately need to protect their suspect secondary. He will complement Williams and Udeze nicely on the front line and is a great fit for a dome team. For the second year in a row, Minnesota strikes gold at the defensive end position.

    19) St. Louis – DE David Pollack, Georgia
    Team needs – OL, DL, CB, S
    Commentary – St Louis has struggled to put pressure on the passer since the departure of Grant Winstrom in free agency. They take a major step forward with the high-motor Pollack here.

    20) Dallas (via Buffalo) – CB/S Marlin Jackson, Michigan
    Team needs – DL, CB, SS, WR
    Team secondary needs – QB, RB
    Commentary – Dallas has two starting openings in their secondary that need immediate assistance. Jackson could provide a physical corner presence opposite Newman, which would be an outstanding fit. He could also play the free safety position and bump Roy Williams to SS where he is probably better suited.

    21) Jacksonville – DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
    Team needs – DE, OL, CB
    Team secondary needs – TE, WR
    Commentary – The Jaguars surprisingly got rid of both of their starting defensive ends just before the season, and they struggled all year long to find decent replacements to provide a solid pass rush. I don’t see how Jacksonville can go in any other direction than DE. They get a high-upside guy in Tuck that should complement the Pro-Bowl tackles that they have inside.

    22) Baltimore – WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
    Team needs – WR, CB, DL, FS
    Commentary – Baltimore is a pretty strong team that simply needs better QB play from Kyle Boller to turn the corner. They have failed in recent years to get a real go-to receiver, and while this is unfortunately a very weak WR year, they probably would have to go that direction here. Williamson is a burner, probably the fastest receiver in the draft, and his stock will probably rocket at the combines.

    23) Seattle – RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn
    Team needs – DL, secondary, LB, WR, RB
    Commentary – I’m having a hard time imagining a scenario where Shaun Alexander will return to Seattle. Much of what they do starts with a good running game. Brown is nice value here (ironicly, about the same area of the draft where they got Alexander). Seattle will love the total package of skills that Brown will bring to a WCO.

    24) Green Bay – QB Andrew Walters, Arizona St.
    Team needs – LB, DL, S
    Secondary needs – G, QB, TE, CB
    Commentary – Walters may very well go earlier than this. He’s this year’s version of Kyle Boller and JP losman. He’s got a huge arm and he’s very athletic. Not as accurate as you might hope for, but he has shown improvement every year.

    25) Denver – DE Matt Roth, Iowa
    Team needs – TE, WR, DL
    Team secondary needs – CB, S, QB
    Commentary – Denver really misses the pass-rush presence that Berry provided before he left for Arizona. They hope to get that back with the high-motor Ross.

    26) New York Jets – TE Heath Miller, Virginia
    Team needs – S, CB, TE
    Team secondary needs – LB, WR, RB
    Commentary – The Jets have been very frustrated with the production that they have received from the tight end position and would love to have a top shelf option to stretch the middle of the field and open things up. Becht has been a huge disappointment. Miller could very well go much higher.

    27) Atlanta – CB Justin Miller, Clemson
    Team needs – OL, DL, S, WR
    Commentary – Atlanta spent last year’s number one on corner, and they still could use an upgrade. It should create one of the league’s top tandems in no time.

    28) San Diego – WR Marc Clayton, Oklahoma
    Team needs – OL, secondary, WR, LB
    Commentary – McCardell had a great year, but he is clearly on the downside of his career. Clayton provides another young weapon for a developing offense.

    29) Indianapolis – DT Travis Johnson, Florida St.
    Team needs – secondary, DL, LB, RB
    Commentary – Indy could use help in a number of areas on defense. Johnson will help to stabilize the front four.

    30) Pittsburgh – DT Mike Patterson, USC
    Team needs – secondary, OL, WR, RB
    Commentary – If there is one team that’s willing to go against the grain on draft day, it’s the Steelers. Kimo Von’O is getting up there in age, and they’d love to get a high intensity player like Patterson to replace him. He might not have the top notch measureables, but he’s one heck of a football player and would be a nice addition to that front line.

    31) Philadelphia – LB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
    Team needs – RB, DL, LB
    Secondary Needs -- OL
    Commentary – With Trotter back the middle of the linebacking corp has some stability, but the team has not found the outside backer that they covet.

    30) New England – CB Brandon Browner, Oregon St
    Team needs – CB, OL, LB
    Commentary – One thing that New England has struggled with is size in the secondary. They can be exploited with jump ball. That won’t be an issue with the physical specimen of Browner in the secondary. The team has depth concerns at DB.
  2. luvtheboys

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    Er, I think you mean Texas
  3. Typhus

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    Oops,,, thanks for catching that.
  4. ghst187

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    I would be amazed if Miami passes on Cedric Benson
  5. Cbz40

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    I would be in shock..... :eek:
  6. Sarge

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    I wouldn't be amazed if Miami traded down.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    We won't keep both of our picks either.
  8. Sarge

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    Ooooooooooooh yes we will.

  9. Hollywood Henderson

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    The "word" here in Indy is that Miami might trade Patrick Surtain for Edge James...
    I would trade down if I was the Phins too...
  10. junk

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    I wouldn't. If they sign Alexander, James or Jordan, I am sure they would look OL, QB or maybe even DL.
  11. Sarge

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    I agree - I don't know that I'd wanna pick a RB with the second pick of the draft but there isn't any question they need a RB. I'd probably wait until the top of the second if I were them, or perhaps even later.

    Really depends what they do via FA.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    I just don't think SF is going to keep that 1st pick. With Leinart deciding to stay in school there isn't a clear cut pick that's worth a #1 overall selection.
  13. Avery

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    A few of my scattered thoughts:

    I don't think SF wants the 1st pick either, but who's going to want to trade up to get it? I think the Cards are a team to keep an eye on as they may jump to acquire Rogers or Smith. They're also a legit candidate to stay put and draft either of the big three RB's.

    Miami is a darkhorse to draft a QB but I don't think they will just yet. Feeley was given up for a 2nd rounder so they'll give him another shot to show that he was worth the pick. #2 is a steep price for Barron who's a blue chip OT but nowhere close to the likes of Boselli, Ogden or Pace. I'd be surprised if he clips the top five. I have him going to Tenn. at #6.

    The Browns are a question mark in regards to the draft. Smart money says they'll take one of the QB's but Romeo may have a different agenda. Rolle is up and down draft boards...

    MW to Chicago is about as close to a lock in the draft as you can get. The only bigger lock is that TB will go RB. I think Caddy's your man. Both of the Auburn RB's are a little low in this for my liking.

    Solid picks by the Boys. Marlin could play FS as he did so at Mich. He's a capable corner.

    I like the fact that someone is finally putting Walters in the 1st to GB. The guy has talent and would be able to take over for Favre very quickly.
  14. junk

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    This definitely isn't a good year to have the #2 pick. I think Miami would like to move down as well, just don't think they will have a dance partner.

    Like you said, all of this is just speculation until we see what teams start to do in FA.
  15. Bobo

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    Doubt TN takes an OT at #6. Word is both OT's will take cuts and want to stay (TN is probably their best shot at good money and a starting job). Fisher indicated they'd take a skilled position player, and I believe that's what's gonna happen unless maybe they lose both ot's, which I think is very unlikely. I think it's more likely they could lose Derrick Mason or Samari Rolle. If that happens, I assume CB or WR would be atop their wishlist.
  16. lkelly

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    How do you trade an unrestricted free agent?

    Or you think they will franchise Edge first? I'd hate to be on the hook for paying an aging running back franchise back money.

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