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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nightshade, Apr 18, 2011.

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    He could end up being a world class LT. The problem is he might not. There just isn't the evidence to prove that he will. Alex Barron was a first round draft pick. He had all the tools but couldn't cut it as a starter in the NFL. World class TALENT sometimes fails to be realized and the only way to make a good decision is to have a body of work to analyze. We don't have that on Tyron Smith. The book on him is that he's too weak right now to handle Left Ends in the NFL and not experienced enough to handle Right Ends.

    We need to draft a guy at 9 who's a sure fire lock to start. Tyron Smith isn't that guy yet.

    Suh came along last year and we couldn't draft him. The Cowboys just didn't have a high enough pick. Too bad.

    Tyron could develop into a Suh kind of player, we just don't know that yet. He needs more experience before we can know.
    If the Cowboys are smart they will pass at 9 and say Too Bad.
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    Solder has even less experience as a tackle and yet we are considering him.
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    I think Smith can be a starting NFL RT. Not as day one ready as Castanzo or Carimi would be, which is something Dallas has to think about due to the current lockout. I would think SMith is a for sure day one starter at RT if there wasn't a lockout and Dallas could get him in here and start working with right after the draft.
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    There's no such thing as a sure-fire lock.
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    from mosely article
    The Cowboys take an offensive lineman in the first round once every 30 years, so maybe they're due. And if you're wondering, it was guard Howard Richards out of Missouri back in 1981. If the Cowboys break from 30 years of history, it's more likely they'd take Nate Solder out of Colorado than Smith. There's a belief among scouts that Solder may be a better athlete than Cowboys starting left tackle Doug Free. Several scouts have indicated to me that Smith has a "special" quality that Boston College's Anthony Castonzo and Solder don't have. It doesn't appear the Cowboys see it that way. They believe that all three players will be starters in the league for the next 10 years.
    what evidence do the cowboys have that they know how to evaluate ol:bang2: :banghead:
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    Mosley was just on 103.3 saying that exact thing. He mentioned that we didn't think Smith was special, and not that much better than Castonzo.

    Also said to look out for Watt in a trade down.
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    JJ Watt is nothing special.

    Marcus Spears v. 2 if he comes here, which is fine, but not for a first round pick as a 3-4 DE.
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    I'm not so sure this isn't a bit of smoke.

    It's hard to know this time of year what's true and what's being fed to you.

    So many folks have us taking Smith in mock drafts, the Cowboys may want other teams to think we're cooling on him. That way no one will try to leapfrog us.

    We may not see that big of a difference between the top linemen. That may be why so many are reporting that we're trying to trade down.

    We may very well like Solder instead of Smith. I wouldn't be totally shocked if that's the case. It would be very telling about our scouting department if we did like Solder better, we take him, then Smith becomes the better player.

    JJ would need to really start firing guys then.
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    yeah another new tyron thread that says the same exact things as the other 30+:D
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    Yeah, I think I might start a thread saying that Tyron Smith may or may not be the Cowboys pick at number 9. That Dallas feels like Solder may or may not be better and they could take him after a trade back that may or may not happen.

    Smith could be seen as being picked too high or too low at Dallas' #9 choice, but he could be good value there as well.

    Matt Mosley reported that he guaranteed Dallas wouldn't choose Smith at 9, although he reports they still could take the USC tackle at that spot.

    Many mock drafts around the internet either have Dallas taking Smith at #9 or not.

    Von Miller said that after the draft, there is a 50% chance we will know where Smith goes and that it should be before or after Solder, who Miller said was one of the guys he played against in college.
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    mosely only knows what is fed to him; so taking him as a source is like listening to the weather guy for business information.
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    Are you sure?:D

    This has to be the POST OF THE DAY or not if it isn't.
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    why do people keep saying Smith is weak. He had 31 reps of 225lbs, with 37 inch arms thats stonger than the rext of the OT's. As for what Mosely is saying. dont forget this is lying season.
  14. jswalker1981

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    When multiple players are getting around the same grade for day one starters, then you look to their upside as the tie breaker. I'll take Smith, and know we will be set at that position for 10+ years.
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    exactly, the OP didnt say anything that hasnt been or couldnt have been just added the one of the ongoing threads about the dude, Instead a new thread is started and we all need to repeat what we all typed a few hours ago. Even if we are all so talked out by now that we are just mumbling stuff now . lol
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    You took the words right out of my mouth. Can some one please tell me who in this draft is sure fire lock and please don't tell me it is Peterson or Dareus. They have issues too.
  17. BAT

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    JJ Watt may or may not be anything special, but he's no Spears 2.0. Spears did not have Watt's reach, explosion, work ethic or speed.

    Spears could only dream of running a 4.8 40.
  18. UnoDallas

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    Spears numbers

    5.03 in the 40-yard dash...405-pound bench press...530-pound squat...308-pound power clean...34-inch vertical jump...9'1" broad jump...33 3/8-inch arm length...10 3/8-inch hands...Right-handed

    vastly superior

  19. BAT

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    Are you daft? Watt had a freakish combine and the numbers you throw up for Spears do not dispute what I said (e.g. Watt has better reach, explosion, speed & work ethic). Please learn to read.


    40: 5.03
    vert: 31
    3-cone: 7.21
    225 bench: 23


    40: 4.81
    vert: 37
    3-cone: 6.88
    225 bench: 34

    Watt also broad jumped 10'0" and has 34" arms & 11" hands. Do we need to keep going b/c we haven't even starting talking about Watt's intangibles yet?
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    No kidding. Cue War and Peace from 41.

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