News: Tyron Smith's Pro Bowl Parting Gift: Tendonitis

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 3, 2014.

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    By Richie Whitt:

    “I think I played the whole game,” Smith told me over the weekend. “I was gassed. And I played on the right side. My mind and my body weren’t used to that. I mean, it was a great experience and I’m honored to have been chosen, but …”

    More than a month after the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Smith is still feeling the effects of the game. He’s battling tendonitis in his right knee, a result of repeated snaps at a position – and from a stance – he hasn’t played since he was a rookie in 2011. But playing out of position is what happens when you’re a 22-year-old newbie making your first Pro Bowl trip.

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    As if I could hate the Pro Bowl any more...
    Now this.
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    SMH... I hope he'll be OK!
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    He should be fine with rest, but he needs to make sure he gets it. Tendonitis is only significant if you don't allow yourself to get rid of it.
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    Tendinitis is inflammation, irritation, and swelling of a tendon, which is the fibrous structure that joins muscle to bone. Tendinitis can occur as a result of injury, overuse, or with aging as the tendon loses elasticity. It can also be seen in persons with body-wide (systemic) diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.
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    If you don't know, just say you don't know.
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    Keep piling on.
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    Somebody start a Tyron Smith is injury prone thread.
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    they only thing that makes it go away is rest and even then it always comes back, this isn't going to be the only year we hear about this.
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    was just going to post, in before the we shouldn't pay Tyron posts.
  11. bkight13

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    The Transition tag was announced at 10.04m for OL. That is what Dallas must pay him to activate his 2015 option. I think they have to decide this week. Should be a no-brainer Yes. Hopefully they can work out a long term extension before next Spring.
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    The pro bowl needs to END.
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    oh this a serious injury?
  14. LatinMind

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    Dallas can always pick up his 5th yr option in 2015 on his rookie deal. And then work out an extension.
  15. bkight13

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    That's what I'm saying. It will be for 10.04m(the Transition tag for 2014).
  16. TheSport78

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    R.I.C.E. and different modalities will help to reduce the swelling and/or inflammation. Also, get your nutrition right and plenty of sleep is a necessity.
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    You need to become Tyron's trainer.
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    So we are led to believe he developed tendinitis from playing 1 game??
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    If this were mo he'd be out 6 months
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    Dez Bryant had knee tendonitis in training camp, and it flared up bad the week after the preseason game in Arizona. He took about a week off if I recall and we never heard about it the rest of the year. So it's not really time to panic.

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