UAE 'seizes N Korea arms cargo'

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by vta, Aug 29, 2009.

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    The United Arab Emirates has seized a ship illegally carrying embargoed North Korean weapons bound for Iran, diplomatic sources at the UN have said. A diplomat told the AFP news agency that the UAE had informed UN officials responsible for implementing sanctions on Pyongyang.
    The UK-based Financial Times reported earlier on Friday that the ship was seized "some weeks ago".

    It said the armaments included rocket-propelled grenades. The arms had been falsely labelled as "machine parts," the Financial Times reported, adding that the vessel was still being held in the UAE. The diplomatic source told AFP that the issue was being dealt with by the UN Security Council's sanctions committee, and declined to comment further.

    A new round of UN sanctions on North Korea was approved unanimously on 12 June, following a nuclear weapons test by Pyongyang and subsequent missile launches. The UN resolution, which aimed to cut arms exports as a source of revenue for North Korea, also called for tougher inspections of air, sea and land shipments to and from the hard-line communist state.
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    Oh well if the UN is handling it, I'm sure everything will be fine...
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    We should expect N. Korea's unilateral surrender by labor day Also sine the UN is on the scene. :laugh2:
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    The UAE siezed the ship? Wow, wonder how they pulled that off without N Korea getting all huffy and declaring it an act of war. Glad they stopped the shipment though, I somehow doubt it was meant for any good purpose.
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    Yeah I agree. This is the sort of thing you would expect them to go bonkers about.

    Surprised the press isn't making more of a stink on this one. This is a pretty big story IMO.
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    In related news the UAE has been wiped from the map by a nuclear strike by N. Korea through Iran.

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