UDFA Priority List (according to me)

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    I posted some of this info a while back. It seems much more fitting and relevant to post now.

    Janzen Jackson, FS, McNeese State - Would most likely play CB in the NFL. Would compete for the last CB spot.

    Shawn Powell, P, Florida State - Excellent punter with great accuracy at pinning inside the 10 and coffin-corner punts.

    Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State - We need more OT depth, or at least someone to push Jeremy Parnell.

    Buddy Jackson, CB, Pittsburgh - Off-the-charts measurables. Runs the 40 in the low 4.3's, and had a 11'9" broad jump at Pittsburgh's pro day. For comparison's sake, the best broad jump at the combine was 11'1".

    DaJohn Harris, DT, USC - 5-star prospect out of high school. He's got a PFO (patent foramen ovale) which is some sort of heart condition. He's been medically cleared to play, but has plummeted out of the top 250 prospects, where previously he was slated to go in rounds 3-5. His NFL comparison is Corey Peters. A project.

    George Bryan, TE, North Carolina State - I loooove this guy. I'll just post his CBS Sports analysis.

    Strengths: Has hands of glue, about as good as you'll see in the sport of football. Excels finding soft spots in zone coverage and using his large frame to shield defenders. Quality blocker. Has enough power and bend combined with good technique which consistently results in successful blocks. Productive, durable, experienced leader -- top intangibles.

    Weaknesses: Is a bit high-hipped and slow to get rolling. Frame limits upside as a blocker. Isn't agile for a tight end. Might have real trouble getting open at the next level. Will have to answer questions from NFL teams about drug charges that were ultimately dropped.

    NFL Comparison: Bear Pascoe, New York Giants

    Ryan Miller, OT, Colorado - A very large man. 6'7", 321lbs. He's got NFL size, strength, and agility. He played OG in college, but would obviously be an OT in the NFL. He's got an extended analysis on CBSSports.com that brags on him.

    Matt Conrath, DE, Virginia - Oh. My. I'd call this guy first as soon as I turned in my last draft pick. 6'8", 290lbs.

    Strengths: Good quickness off snap on most plays. Is highly athletic for his size and frame. Has enough bend and hip fluidity for effective double and spin moves, and got consistent penetration from the 4-3 DT position against BCS competition. Long arms and quality hand placement add to the arsenal. Is terrific at blocking FGs, and knocks down a lot of passes too.

    Weaknesses: Frame limits ability to anchor and overall power, as center of gravity is just too high, even with good knee bend, to remain at interior DL in the NFL. Frame may also limit agility needed to succeed at DE. Has a tendency to get tall if initial move fails. Needs better and stronger hand play as well as additional moves. Ends up on the ground too often.
    NFL Comparison: Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals

    Donte Paige-Moss, OLB, North Carolina - Highly skilled athlete with lots of baggage. Give him the UDFA minimum and a chance. Has the skills of a first-round OLB.

    Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DT, Baylor - Incredible strength. Hard worker. Needs to exhibit his dominance more consistently as he can disappear at times. Another D-Line project.

    William Vlachos, C, Alabama - A little short for the position at 6'1". He makes up for it with his strength, intelligence, and nastiness.

    Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State - A little tall for center, but is a very good player and could start for Dallas day 1.

    Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis - Quality OG depth who could develop into a starter.
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    I apologize for not knowing this, but when does UDFA period start? Can we pick up these guys whenever or do we have to wait until camp?

    I really like Brewster and Paige-Moss (although maybe not the high character type of player Garrett wants).
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    I thought George Bryan had Cowboys written all over him.

    He's a good blocker, reliable catcher, and was a team captain. If we sign him, he'll beat out Hanna for the #3 spot.
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    Doubt he will get the chance w/the drugs charges honestly.
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    A cop found weed in an apartment that Bryan shared with a few other teammates. But the charges were dropped because the officer searched illegally.

    Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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    You can remove Jackson, Bryan, Moss and Baptiste from that list. Dallas will not sign those guys.
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    I think we'll look at a QB - Kinne
    OL - Adcock
    OLB/DE type - Brett Roy
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    Who do you have on the list sdogo?
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    Going to be a while, I have a lot of updating to do first. lol
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    Can't we start signing guys right after the draft?
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    If center is a direction that the Cowboys decide to go, then the Buckeye's, Brewster is not the guy that I believe they should target. The QB's, Terrelle Pryor previously and last season with Braxton Miller both having escapability, it made him look better. But the running game was terrible, especially last season. And that has been a staple for OSU.

    Here is a guy that might be worth a look see. Garth Gerhart. Seems to have some intensity too him. And while he might be lacking in strength dept currently, I believe we have just the man to help Gerhart fix that issue.

    His profile from NFL.com


    Gerhart plays true to his name, or at least the reputation that his brother, Toby (who plays for the Minnesota Vikings) has shown the football world in his short time. Gerhart is a high-effort, big-motor player who has the frame to compete for a starting position at the next level. He should be taken in the middle rounds and compete to start early at the next level.
    He finishes blocks strong and is an apparent leader up front at the center position. He is a throwback center who finds a way to get a block, whether on the line or linebackers at the next level, and overcomes some minor athletic-ability issues with effort and football savvy. He is a guy with the type of motor you would want in a center and leader of your line.
    Gerhart is slightly undersized at the position and has to overcome this through a competitive "finish" attitude. He is only an average athlete, and this can be exposed at times when working up to the second level to fit on linebackers.
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    What did Baptiste do that makes you think Dallas will not sign him as a undrafted free agent? Does he have some character concerns or is he lazy?
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    Which Jackson? Janzen Jackson, FS, or Buddy Jackson, CB?

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    I would look at Jeff Adams OT Columbia, Broderick Binns LB Iowa, Kellen Moore QB

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