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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BigWillie, Aug 14, 2011.

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    It's on right now. Incredible night of fights for a free card ..

    Chris Lytle vs Dan Hardy
    Jim Miller vs Ben Henderson
    Charles Oliveira vs Donald Cerrone
    Duane Ludwig vs Amir Sadollah

    Absolutely sad that Chris Lytle is ending his career after his fight tonight. Complete warrior who had an underrated and under-appreciated career. But it's a beautiful thing he's doing it to be closer to his family instead of for other reasons.

    With that said, Lytle and Hardy are two guys who absolutely love to throw and are not scared in the least to stand in the pocket. Should be a great fight.

    Jim Miller fighting for a title shot. Ben Henderson is crazy slick with his submission defense which may negate Jim's great ground game. Both guys always put on entertaining fights.

    Oliveira vs Cerrone has not only FOTN potential, but FOTY potential. Both guys have crazy muay thai skills and have fantastic BJJ skills as well. I'm guessing both will stand and let it fly, especially since Oliveira is already talking about he hopes they both get a room in the hospital together after this one.

    Should be a fun night of fights.
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    Pretty good card, from what I saw (the last 3 fights).

    Super excited to see Lytle not only win, be win all 3 rounds and finish the fight.

    Not sure what Hardy was thinking, seeing as he was the one that didn't want to go to the ground but ends up shooting for the take down twice and promptly gets reversed and submitted on his second attempt. I hope they kick him out of the UFC, I can't stand the dude.

    Also happy to see both Henderson and Cerrone win as I'm fans of both since the WEC days. Although Henderson positively dominated Miller, it was still an exciting fight since Miller was attempting submissions left and right, Ben never seemed worried though.

    A darn good free night of fights and next up if UFC Brazil, which should be a very exciting night of fights.
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    Solid showcase but not a lot was on the line

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