UH Coach meets Parcells

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 21, 2005.

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    Opportunity knocks

    Yes, that was Art Briles chatting with Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells last week. Seems Parcells was looking for ways to juice up the Cowboys' offense, so he summoned Briles up for a quick primer on the (University of Houston) Cougars' offense.

    OK, not really.

    Actually Briles was in town for a meet-and-greet with Fort Worth Bowl executives and took his oldest daughter, Jancy, a media-relations intern with the Cowboys, out to eat.

    Allow Briles to pick up the story. ...

    "I took her out for lunch and afterwards a (media relations) guy said, 'Hey, come on up. We're working out.' I said OK," he said. "I never realized it was such a hard thing to get into. I went in there and was standing at the (end zone area) and saw him (Parcells) point to this guy, who came down and said, 'Coach wants to talk to you.'

    "So I went over there and talked with coach for about 15 minutes. He was real nice, a real good guy."

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    Nice story.

    Even if Parcellws wanted to, I doubt he could even get offensive pointers from Briles. That system is wacky down there at UH. So many different looks and schemes meshed together.

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