Unauthorized Tour of DC Stadium & Party Pass Area (Pics & vids!

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by yimyammer, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I was getting my car checked out about a mile from the stadium so I decided to stop by and see if I could go see what it would be like to be in the sections available for Party Pass holders.

    I went to the ticket office and they told my I couldn't walk into the stadium and look at the areas on my own and that I would have to take a tour. So I went to the Pro Shop and was told I had to buy a $15 ticket and then wait in line for about 30 minutes until they had enough people to start the tour. They said the tour would last about an hour and 15 minutes.

    Ugh, I'm not real patient at museums, open houses, etc where I have to listen to people drone on while I'm held captive and can't escape, so I decided to pass.

    They told me I could walk around to where the big sliding glass doors are and I could see what the area looked like by looking through the glass doors. I figured this was better than nothing and made my way over to the doors.

    When I got there, I noticed one of the doors was propped open and being the rebel I am, I figured if I just walked in and acted like I belonged, I could hang around long enough to see what I needed to see before they kicked me out.

    Sure enough, just like when I was a kid sneaking into concerts and movie theaters, I just strolled in and acted like I belonged, talked to some of the workers and walked deliberately to where I wanted to go.

    As a result I was able to walk around the entire stadium and see all levels before security finally figured out I didn't belong and kicked me out. This was after I had already seen all three floors and had just finished taking my last video on the first floor level. In other words, they basically kicked me out as I was walking out the door.

    I figured I owed it to Jerry to post what I was able to see in the hope that he might recoup the $15 dollars he didn't get out of me for a tour. Maybe by posting the videos and pictures here, it will help anyone make a decision as to whether they want to purchase a Party Pass and increase his total revenue as a result of my deviant behavior.

    Scroll down to see several pictures and videos I took in an attempt to convey what it might be like to be at the stadium with only a party pass.

    <<Why Jerry & Co didn't already have something like this on their website is mind boggling to me>>

    I have no doubt that you would get the full experience of being at the game. However it appears that unless you are on the railing, you will be watching the game on one of the monitors hanging above either end of the field:


    I was told Party Pass Ticket holders would also have access to some outdoor pavilions (in addition to all the areas inside the stadium shown here), but none of these were set up and I wasn't able to see anything in process that might give us an idea of what this is all about.

    I'm no video expert and these were shot with my Iphone, so hopefully the pictures and video quality is good enough to convey what it might be like to be there. Sorry if the video is too shaky, I'd tried to keep it steady.

    Here is a shot taken outside of the entrance to the Pro Shop and where you can buy tickets.


    Here are the big sliding doors and the area where I snuck into the stadium:


    Here's a side overview of the Party pass standing areas:


    Here's what you would see if you were leaning on the handrail looking at the field on the first floor level:


    Here's a close up shot of the railing overlooking the field where those who get there first will have the best views:


    Here's a video of the 1st Floor Party Pass Standing area (This is the only shaky video, so don't let this one scare you off of the others):


    Here’s another video of the 1st Floor Party Pass Standing area:


    This is a wider shot of the large standing area on the first floor:


    This is another shot of the first floor standing area. I didn't see any Video monitors besides the large one hanging over the field. Maybe there will be more by game day, but if not the big TV will be the only way for people standing in these areas to see the field as the field is set much lower than this standing area and can't be seen from these areas unless you manage to get close to the rail:


    Here's a close up shot of the stair landings they extended so people can stand and watch the game without stopping the flow of traffic on the stairs:


    This is a wider shot of the standing areas available at the stair landings. There are at least 6 of those in each end zone, so there will be at least 12 of these for Party Pass ticket holders:


    Video of stair landing:


    Here’s another video from the stair landing:


    Here's a video from Party Pass Standing Area on the 2nd Floor:


    Here's a video from Party Pass Standing Area on the 3rd Floor:

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    Wow. Really nice post man. It seems like it might be difficult to get a good spot to stand unless you get there kinda early and don't move much. We'll see though. I'm willing to try it. :D
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    You're less than a god but more than a man.
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    Yeah, If you're not on the rail, its POINTLESS. Even then, standing for 3 hours...yowzer. But nice that it's "cheap" so people can go that can't afford the seats. But if you're the 3rd row back on the rail...is there a point to going?
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    I guess they're expecting people to walk around and everyone to get a chance to get a good view at some point during their visit. I think they overestimate how willing people will be to give up the railing once they have it though.
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    All you need is these 3 things and you're set!!!!!



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    If you don't like being distracted when you're watching a game, you probably won't like this.

    If you like the comradery of watching the game with friends or at a bar, then I think this will surpass that experience, but I'll only know for sure after I experience it first hand. It will be interesting to see how the sound carries in this stadium. If I get tickets to the Giants game, I'll do an update.

    If the game is exciting and everyone is into it, standing up for the whole game is no big deal. I was at the championship game at Texas Stadium when we whipped the 49ers and everyone stood up the entire game, it was the best crowd I've ever experienced (aside from the free pep rally before we went to the Super Bowl in 1992.

    I also expect these areas to be chock full of eye candy. These are the areas for all those pretty Dallas girls to see and be seen.
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    For those who do get close to the railings, there is a good view no matter what level they're on. With TV monitors all around as advertised, it probably will be like one big party. I don't see why anyone who understands that it's standing room only wouldn't immensely enjoy themselves.

    Thanks, yimyammer. You really outdid yourself.
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    Wow great post. Jerry should pay you. As for me, I think it's a great deal. It's basically like watching the game with a buncha of friends at home, but you get to tailgate and you have 80,000 more friends. That stadium is gonna be really loud too.
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    Very much appreciated!

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    I was thinking the same thing... get there early, get a spot at the rail and pray you don't have to go to the restroom :p
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    ...towards those fans who bring folding or portable chairs to the standing areas?

    When the score is lopsided against the Cowboys I can see a lot of fans wanting to mingle and view the new facility, but if the score is a close one or the Cowboys are barely winning I can't see anyone giving up the railing.
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    This is one of the all time great contributions IMO.
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    Man seems Cool for 30 bucks...But yeah the Bathroom thing would make ya lose your spot,,,Unless Ya went with Chuck Norris
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    YimYammer, thanks for taking a risk to get these pictures, and video. I was debating about whether I wanted to buy one of these passes, but after viewing the pics/vids, I might go ahead and purchase some. I sent the link to a few friends that were wondering the same. As far as helping Jerry recoup the $15 for the tour you didn't pay for, you just made him at least an extra 45, or more from me alone, by posting this info. Thanks again.

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    i do the standing thing at minute maid park and it is easier than it sounds to stand for almost 3 hours...but the views will be a constant fight for the best spot. And once you get that spot and need a beer or take a leak, it will be another 40 minute fight for a good spot again...and don't plan on actually paying attention to most of the game.
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    Something else to note that someone pointed out on another forum is that on the 3rd level, you cant even get a good view of the big screens hanging over the field.

    The Video screens were off when I went through, so I can't say one way or another. Seems like a massive oversite if correct

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