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    A lot of us are looking at most of these guys. Good read.


    DE Robert Quinn
    6-5/268/4.64, No. 2 DE, sixth overall (Unranked overall but was top-rated DE)
    What Scouts Like: "Quinn's pass rush skills are his greatest asset. I like him better as a right defensive end in the 4-3 but believe he has the athleticism and bend to be a rush linebacker in the 3-4, so you have to like the versatility. He has good first step quickness. The ability to bend. Has good long speed. Has good length. Has a lot of upside to him. He's got some growth potential. There is a lot to like about him."
    Concerns: "He's supposed to be a very good kid. Usually when a player is suspended for the entire year, people in the program will knock the player pretty good. The guys at UNC say he's not malicious or a bad guy at all, but one who just got caught up in something."
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    Just read that. It's funny, someone posted a all NC mock for fun and it actually looked decent.
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    starting to see more and more people saying that quinn is better suited as a 4-3 DE...I guess Miller is a better fit for us
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    i love quinn next dware

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