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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Aug 12, 2005.

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    There are a few QBs around the league that are worth a good look and possibly should be starting for an NFL team such as, oh I dont know... Dallas, but they are buried behind marquee names.

    Some of the ones that come to mind IMO.

    Matt Schaub (ATL)
    Billy Volek (TEN)

    anyone else?
  2. junk

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    I don't see either of those guys being available.
  3. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Schaub sucked in every game i watched him play and the Titans would never dump Volek; since McNair's situation is a little shakey
  4. Deacon Moss

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    Why is everyone so in-love with Schaub???

    On the other hand I have seen Volek do well and do feel its only a matter of time before he gets the nod elsewhere, if not with the Titans!!!
  5. wxcpo

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    I went to the Saints/Seahawks game tonight and I have to say I came away very impressed with Seneca Wallace, the guy has got a rifle for an arm. He also has that scrambling ability that allows him avoid sacks, think of him as a poor man's Culpepper or Vick, but with some accuracy. If you read the recap of the game it will say his TD pass was a perfect toss that dropped over Pathon's shoulder. That doesn't begin to describe how beautifully that ball was thrown. He dropped pass after pass perfectly after WR's shoulder's in warmups and did it in the game also.

    Also I must say that Adrian McPherson looked pretty good, but he is a little jittery back in the pocket and was quick to take off if his 1st or 2nr read weren't there. Granted he didn't play a whole lot, but that was the impression I came away with.
  6. jcblanco22

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    wxcpo, funny you watched the Saints live tonight, because my candidate for the question in this thread is actually their other backup that you didn't mention, Todd Bouman. I really liked what he did a few seasons ago as a temp. sub when Culpepper got hurt in Minnesota. I think this is his 3rd season in New Orleans and he has yet to take a regular season snap, since Brooks has played in every game every season.
  7. dbair1967

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    he was 3/7 for 28 yds...and that impressed you?

  8. devman90

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    Cleo Lemon
  9. Eddie

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    This is Chad Hutchinson's year.

    Well, if I go out on a limb, and I'm wrong, I won't bring it up again. But if I'm right, I'll raise hell. ha ha.
  10. BigDInCharlotte

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    Chris Weinke is in the last year of his contract with Carolina, I believe. :eek: Did I just say that? :banghead:
  11. wxcpo

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    Remember I was at the game and actually SAW the guy play. Don't go merely by what you read in the stat line. He was vicitimized by the same WR dropping 2 passes that were right in his gut. He threw a pass across the middle into the endzone that should have been a TD.
  12. UDcowboysfan

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    JON KITNA he could start for the cowboys for a couple years and he's a real good guy.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I still want to find a way to get Philip Rivers in Dallas. I watched him all through college and saw him in the game the other night. This kid has it all and will be a big time star in the league if he gets a chance.

    He totally blew it by holding out last year and wasted a perfect chance to be named the starter coming into TC as a rookie. By holding out (on his agent's advice) he allowed Brees to be the starter by default and he went on to have a Pro-Bowl year while Rivers sat on the bench wondering where his opportunity went.

    San Diego has a history of players holding out because they try to low-ball them every time just like the Cardinals do. It is stupid and costs them in the long run as their lack of consistent success has shown.
  14. InmanRoshi

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    Some team is going to overpay for that lemon Jon Kitna this offseason. He's just 7 months younger than Bledsoe, so he's not really a younger alternative, but hasn't had nearly the career. He's played his entire career in the same offense under the same offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator at Cincy was the offensive coordinator he had in Seattle under Erickson. With that continuity, he has exactly 1 good year out of 9 seasons in the NFL to show for it. Some team is going to trade for him this offseason, put him in their offense and he'll be a huge bust.
  15. wxcpo

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    In the long run this may actually benefit the guy because he wasn't just thrown ot the wolves as a rookie and he will get the opportunity to actually learn how to be an NFL QB.

    In watching the San Diego/Green Bay game the other night I really don't like his delivery, but certainly wouldn't be opposed to Dallas going out and trying to get the guy.
  16. TDHND

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    I want to stay positive about having both Drew's here and I want to see Henson win the backup role and prove to everyone why he started over Brady in college. That's coming for a ND fan that dislikes Michigan,but still would be nice to see him play good.

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