Universal Basic Income

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    The idea of robots, self-driving vehicles and other forms of automation replacing large groups of workers has become a hot topic lately.

    Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the concept of a "universal basic income" is making the rounds and Finland is testing the idea. I find it interesting that the heads of technology companies that are poised to displace workers are pushing for UBI.


    We punish companies who pollute via fines and taxes because their behavior negatively affects our environment and imposes costs on society. Why shouldn't we do the same to companies who displace our laborers, and in doing so, negatively effect our economy and impose costs on our society?

    I wonder how many of these folks supporting UBI would continue to do so if there were major taxes/fees imposed on their companies for eliminating jobs via the use of their technologies?
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    tech will continue to replace jobs just as it has been doing for almost 200 years. Absolutely nothing is going to stop that.
    That stupid UBI is going to implode and cause carnage just like the idiotic $15 minimum wage is doing in Seattle right now.
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    More free handouts, just what the freeloaders need.....:facepalm:
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