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    We do a few draft day trades to accrue an extra 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th.
    IMO, we need help in our secondary and OL depth more than anything else.

    1 - CB Morris Claiborne - LSU
    6'0 185 4.45
    One of the top CB prospects in the draft...so long Terence

    2 - DL Devon Still - Penn St.
    6'4 310 5.06
    blows up the LOS and finds his way into the backfield often...I love our depth along the DL, but this guy is a stud and I feel it would be a huge mistake to pass him up.

    3 - OG Kevin Zeitler - Wisconsin
    6'4 318 5.26
    another excellent prospect from OL University

    3 - OLB Keenan Robinson - Texas
    6'3 240 4.68
    nice size and speed. has been used in coverage often and is pretty good. solid against the run. isn't asked too often to rush the passer, so his moves are probably limited. BTW, this is a homer pick, but the guy can flat out play....joins Ware, Spencer, Butler

    4 - WR Dwight Jones - UNC
    6'4 225 4.53
    great size, great hands, always seems to be open. IMO, he could be like a Jermichael Finley hybrid WR/TE for us.

    4 - ILB Emmanuel Acho - Texas
    6'2 245 4.79
    Yes this is a homer pick, but also, I had a hard time finding another ILB with his kind of value at this spot. He is a tackling machine. He plays the run well and is also pretty good in coverage.....joins Lee, James, Carter, and Albright

    5 - FS Aaron Henry - Wisconsin
    good coverage skills, good team leader

    6 - OT Tom Compton - South Dakota
    6'6 312 5.15
    fits our new mold of less bulky, more athletic OL

    6 - QB Chandler Harnish - Northern Illinois
    6'2 221 4.78
    If you look at his measurables, he is similar to Tony Romo. He has solid stats as well.

    7 - OT Jeff Adams - Columbia
    6'6 305 5.02
    a great combination of intelligence and athleticism

    7 - SS Kelcie McCray - Arkansas St.
    6'2 195 4.48
    nice late round prospect who is good in coverage has a handful of INTs and a few fumble recoveries during his career. Comes from a defensive minded football program

    BTW, it is ok if no one likes my mock....just having some fun and passing some time, since the Longhorns are on their bye week.

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