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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by respectdatstar, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I just saw on ESPN.com that Lovie is willing to sit out this season if unable to land a HC job. With only the ARI job still vacant, there is a very good chance he will not get a job. Is this not great news for Cowboys fans? We could hire him to replace Garrett next season and bring in a top-notch OC. I like it.
  2. rocboy22

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    Sucking next year so Garrett needs to be fired should not be great news to any Cowboys fans.
  3. Hostile

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    Garrett will be here beyond 2013. Book it.
  4. DFWJC

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    This should clear up for some people why Lovie was never a consideration for DC. He was not in the market for DC at all.
  5. zeke87

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    Why so certain? I am not sure he will be if they do not make the playoffs. He will have had 3.5 years and no playoffs to show plus Jerry will be out of scapegoats and you know Jerry is not going to fire himself.
  6. StonetheCrow77

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    Lovie has 5 million reasons to sit out this year. Bears pay contract if he sits out.
  7. cannonball44

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    LOL thats a no brainer!! spend time with family, watch nfl and college games and get first pick of HC/DC positions next year!!
  8. RXP

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    I know you have inside sources and all that but,

    To me, Garrett is in exactly the same position Andy Reid was in last year: make the playoffs or your done. He may even have to win a couple of games.

    I'm one of the few remaining Jason Garrett fans left, but even I don't see how Garrett can possibly keep his job if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs next year.
  9. Bigdog

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    Hope this is true. I like Garrett and now I will duck with all the bashing that I am going to take for supporting him. I remember a sign on I-93 in Boston when they were doing the Big Dig years ago. It said "Rome wasn't built in a day. If it was, we would have hired their contractor." I chuckled every time I drove by the sign. You couldn't miss it. It was huge. I like the direction tha Garrett has this team in. I think it would go by faster if Jerry would get out of his way.
  10. Illini88228

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    Lovie's been a head coach for 9 years including a trip to the super bowl. He's just as qualified as Andy Reid. The idea that he would be willing to be a coordinator amazes me.
  11. Dhragon

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    I like my HC to have fire and passion. That's a big reason I don't care for Garrett. Lovie is way to even keeled for my taste.
  12. Irving Cowboy

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    Someone here was claiming that he got a tip "literally minutes" before it was put out that Ryan was to be kicking rocks that Lovie Smith was coming here... so I guess someone was just playing a joke again?
  13. Eddie

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    Tom Landry?
  14. bbailey423

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    That is what I kept thinking. Why on Earth would he want to work for Jason Garrett? What has Garrett EVER done? It was like Marvin Lewis working for Stever Spurrier with the Redskins....it was pure comedy!
  15. Aven8

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    Good, that means we won the SB, or at least made the NFC Champ game.
  16. Illini88228

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    I don't mean he wouldn't want to be a coordinator for Garrett. I mean, why would he want to be a coordinator anywhere? The guy is a relatively young, accomplished, head coach.
  17. Picksix

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    Understandable, but there are a lot of coaches out there with "fire and passion" and coach their way out of a paper bag. I want a coach who can win, plain and simple. There's no one set personality for that.
  18. jnday

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    Jerry may wake up in a bad mood tomorrow and Garrett goes. If Jason had any self respect, he would leave on his own.
  19. M'Kevon

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    Yeah, because NFL head coaches quit for self respect all the time. :rolleyes:
  20. jnday

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    Yeah, one puppet is as good as another. I guess hanging on to a paycheck makes it worth an owner stepping on his toes everyday.

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