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    The interview mentioned that they would have moved Ealy to RDE. However, I think that would have been a stop gap measure and they would need to draft their long-term RDE next year. They would then move Ealy to his more natural positions LDE/3 technique.

    I think the Cowboys likely had a 2nd round grade on Turner and felt he could be an immediate starter for them. Last year, the Cowboys had 2nd round grades on three OL's: Flucker, Pugh, and Frederick. All three were taken in the 1st round and started for their teams last year. Turner was probably that level of player on their board if they were willing to give up a 2015 2nd round pick to trade back into the 3rd round.
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    I read that as Coleman. He should have the versatility to play either DT position, which should help his cause.
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    It's not cheap maintaining that fabulous head of hair.
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    Yeah, I remember reading something about moving Ealy to the weakside, but I don't think he would have been very good at all over there. He just isn't quick-twitch enough IMO. So Dallas would have either been stuck with a guy on the weakside that really has no business playing there, or would have played him at his natural position on the strongside... where I don't think he would be any better than what we already have over there.

    Maybe I'm wrong about Ealy - I mean, Lord knows I've missed on prospects before - but I don't think he would end up being a good pick for us.

    Had they not made the move to get Lawrence, we would have had to gone all of the 2014 season without a true pass rushing weakside DE... but they would have had an OG that they had rated as a 2nd rounder in the 3rd. The WDE spot however, would be very undermanned.

    As it is, they now have a true weakside DE prospect and the OL is still going to be one of the team's strengths. Plus, they can always get a 2nd round OG prospect in next years draft.

    So, the two positions could have been graded either (just for example to illustrate a point):

    1. OL A and DE C- ...........Without the Lawrence trade
    2. OL A- and DE B ...........With the Lawrence trade

    I will take option 2.

    I would have loved to have had that 3rd, but I think what Lawrence will bring to the table will be worth it.
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    You are not wrong. This is a good analysis and shows why we are in better shape with Martin & Lawrence. Good post.
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    [​IMG] Jon Machota @********** ยท 1h
    Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones asked on @MadDogRadio what the expectations are for Jason Garrett: "Win the NFC East."
    Stephen Jones on what Tony Romo said about the possibility of the Cowboys drafting a QB: "There's no one out there who can beat me out."

    [​IMG] Brandon George

    Stephen Jones told season ticket holders the Dallas Cowboys have already started negotiations with some draft picks. All slotted money.
    Stephen Jones on Johnny Manziel: "One of the most entertaining college football players I've ever watched, if not the most entertaining."
    Stephen Jones told season ticket holders QB Tony Romo will be 100 percent by Week 1 and he's already ahead of schedule in his back rehab.
    Stephen Jones to season ticket holders: "We maybe feel a little better about our safeties than some of our critics in the media."
    Stephen Jones said he expects J.J. Wilcox to start at safety. Said Matt Johnson's injuries have been "more unfortunate than chronic."
    Stephen Jones: "We do like Brandon Weeden a lot" ... "first-round arm talent." ... "I don't know if he's ready to be a starter yet."
    Stephen Jones said he'd like Brandon Weeden to sit a year and learn the system. Doesn't seem him competing for backup spot w/ Kyle Orton.
    Stephen Jones on QB Kyle Orton: "Don't want to go too far there." ... "We feel like Kyle is going to come play football ... we need Kyle."
    Stephen Jones said don't rule out 4th-round LB Anthony Hitchens for one of the starting LB spots, though he's pegged to backup MLB Sean Lee.
    Stephen Jones said it was "a huge debate" in war room whether to take Ken Bishop in the seventh round over UDFA signing Davon Coleman.
    Stephen Jones said UDFA signing Texas DT Chris Whaley had an ACL injury late last year. Had season-ending surgery. Likely won't help this yr
    Stephen Jones said you'd likely see an NFL team in London before the Dallas Cowboys give up a home game to play a game in London.
    Stephen Jones said Cowboys had 5th-round WR Devin Street graded as 3rd-round pick. Called him a "bigger, tougher version" of Kevin Ogletree.
    Stephen Jones said Dallas Cowboys are in a "win-now mode." ... "Can win now with young players."
    Stephen Jones said Rod Marinelli wants to duplicate what Seattle has done with a group of eight DL, getting 25-30 snaps a game, at "110 %"
    Stephen Jones said Cowboys asked Mike Woicik "a lot of hard questions" this off-season in regard to preventing all the injuries.
    Stephen Jones said Cowboys voicing concern with union about new CBA having "a glaring mistake" to limit players' off-season practice time.
    Stephen Jones said if players came in a month earlier in off-season like they used to it would really help limit injuries with NFL players.
    Stephen Jones called San Antonio "a wonderful market." Said no specific time frame 4 camp to return to SA, but will be "sooner than later."
    Stephen Jones to season ticket holder: "Love it that you like to bet on us and hopefully we can make it pay off for you and win some games."
    Stephen Jones: "We need to get over the hump" and start getting into the playoffs "and anything can happen" with Tony Romo at QB.
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    Sounds like a perfect pick for us at 16.

    Oh wait.......

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