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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I got a chance to speak to a few scouts who were in location preparing for the LSU/Alabama game and was told that a majority of 3-4 teams liked Upshaw at ILB and Hightower at OLB, opposite of what they played.

    They feel Hightower is the better pass rusher of the two and his skill set can be better utilized as a OLB and with Upshaw he has better size for the ILB position and does not have the explosion or quickness to excel as a outside pass rusher in the NFL.

    I just found this interesting because I have vocally questioned Upshaws rush skills in the NFL but this makes perfect sense. It's not exactly a huge move for either being that Hightower has basically flipped positions every year and Upshaw was moved from ILB early on.

    IMO, it can do nothing but boost their stock and will be something to keep an eye on if they both participate in the Combine and Upshaw in the Senior Bowl.
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    i said the other day that Upshaw is not btter at rushing the qb than Spencer. He just doesnt have any closing speed imo.

    Not sure how i'd view Hightower outside but thanks for the info man.
    Irvin is the best OLB for our pressure scheme imo.
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    what kind of sack numbers do you think Hightower can give us?
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    I'd heard that about Hightower but news to me on Upshaw moving to ILB. He's got a lot of weight on him for that position.
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    So, say we take a guy like DeCastro in the first. Would Hightower be there when we pick in the 2nd, and if he is, would you pull the trigger on him? Or is he more a 3-4 round guy?
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    I've seen him rated as a late first to 2nd guy at ILB, at OLB, I have no idea but I'm guessing a team would take him at ILB before a team had the opportunity to take him to play OLB, if that makes any sense.
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    If they both can play OLB and ILB they can create matchup problems for an offense. If they are versitle enough, the right Def Coord will have a field day designing blitzes for them. The only question I have, can either carry a TE on a seam route and be aware enough to cover crossing routes in a zone scheme.

    The ILB plays a huge role in the passing game. One of the reasons that our def has been horrible lately (among other things) is the ILB inabilty to cover the flats. If you are asking your CB to play man, and you have OLBs that rush, the ILB (on the weakside) has to cover the flats and limit the play to a 2-3 yard gain. Neither Brady nor Brook can cover a FB let alone a RB out of the backfield.
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    Very intriguing info. ESP ifDeCastro and Kirkpatrick are off the board.

    Thanks forthe share, Sdogo.
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    Really like your FA and Draft plan from your sig. I am actually hoping and praying Burfict's conduct and questions push him to us in the second round though. Especially if we can get one of the corners you suggested and Griffin.

    I would also like to see what Josh Thomas can do with a real secondary coach and a healthy offseason.
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    Thomas was picked up by Carolina after we cut him, and they kept him on their active roster.
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    Damn, sounds about right for how things go in our secondary. Kept high priced garbage and let cheap potential go.
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    By chance, would these scouts work for a certain team of silver and blue with an owner who thinks he's a General Manager? Huh, huh, huh? :laugh1:

    I didn't realize Hightower has played OLB. I've always felt his instincts were tops but wasn't interested in using another high pick on ILB. Thanks.

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