US Police Slogan: Go Out, Cause PTSD

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    US Police Slogan: Go Out, Cause PTSD

    The US police face a new scandal after revelation that the slogan of one its academies is ‘Cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)’.

    The revelation came after a photograph of the graduation program of a police academy in the state of Idaho was e-mailed anonymously to news outlets throughout the state.

    It showed that the slogan, “Don’t suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it,” is printed on the academy’s graduation programs.

    “It shouldn’t have been there. It was inappropriate.” said Jeff Black, the director of Idaho Police Officer Standards and Training.

    Disavowing the slogan, Black said the class president was ex-military, and that the slogan “slipped in.”

    According to the US Veterans Association, tens of thousands of US soldiers suffer from PTSD, which causes nightmares, flashbacks and physical symptoms.

    PTSD makes sufferers feel as if they are reliving trauma, even many years later.

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