News: USA Today: For Diverse Cowboys, Dak Prescott Is The Ultimate Unifier

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Jan 10, 2017.

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    So you assume the issue is there even though there's no evidence of that? That might say more about you who just assumes there's an issue than with the other guy across from you.

    And athletes are very much different. Sports has integrated it's athletes at every level. I don't say that in a legal sense, but rather that these elite athletes have played for years with all different kind of folks and the one common goal is winning. It's an inclusive environment where the weaker are weeded out, regardless of skin color.
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    Then I'll just leave it right here.
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    Your honor, what evidence do I offer that a player's background, experiences, race, etc. play a part in the dynamics of the locker room and the team:

    Defense Exhibit A: Dak's own comments from the USA TODAY article.

    Defense Exhibit B: LeSean McCoy's own comments about Chip Kelly:

    Defense Exhibit C: The Eagles players feelings about Riley Cooper after his racist rant:

    Defense Exhibit D: Aikman-Switzer-John Blake and the real/perceived racial issues on the 90s Cowboys squad:

    Honor, would you like me to continue?

    "No, counselor. You've more than proven your point."

    Thank you, your honor! The defense rests. :)
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    Well, I pride myself on reading and knowing my history, though I'm not a human library.
    But I stand by that statement. There are many, many historical information I could share about the subject, but it will venture into territory we can't fully discuss.
    If you're interested, I suggest you study African-American history, our reason for being brought here, our treatment during the years, the legal, religious, political, educational and social structures that shaped our existence in this country, and you'll understand why I said what I did.
    And I'm not the only one who says it.
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    I think we're in sympatico amigo
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    You misspelled Beasley.
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    I overall liked this article. I think it was cool for Dak to be so open and honest about how he relates to different players on the team. His background living in 2 cultures gave him experiences which helped him develop his leadership skills. I'm really pumped that we have Dak on the team and he can relate to everyone, and he's a fun guy. I love watching the interviews with him and Zeke clowning around. That's cool, Dak has brought a different mind set to the team. He's brought a different culture to the team, and I don't mean a different racial culture but a more relaxed, fun, confident culture. I was starting to get stressed about the game on sunday and I watched some of his interviews on Youtube and his confidence and answers made me feel better. That's what Dak is all about. Just a cool, nice, humble guy who people gravitate too.

    My only issue with this article is why was Romo even mentioned? One thing I am getting really tired of is it seems like you can not give Dak a compliment without bashing Romo or give some criticism of Dak without praising Romo. I feel it would have been a much better article if Romo was not even mentioned. Why is it that everytime Dak is mentioned, either positive or negative, there is a comparison to Romo? That is getting so old. I'm a little disappointed that a journalist could not write an article about Dak relating to his team mates and being a leader without mentioning Romo in a negative manner.

    If Romo was mentioned by the author to get people to read his article then I feel that's a slight against Dak because Dak's story doesn't need any made up drama to impress people. Dak's story and him as a person is impressive enough that a journalist doesn't need to mention anybody else. Dak is a stand alone leader and man and I felt the writer did a disservice to him by mudslinging Romo to draw interest.
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    That's a fair criticism.
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    As shepardic, mate, I say many have suffered. No one is immune!
    To be a victim in this harsh world, is difficult, good bloke!
    Tell it to the Marines! Tell it to the Cambodians or natives of the southwest we try to rerpel. Tell it to the Allepos!
    Cry for me. Cry for All Lives!
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    I'm biracial as well, and my experience has helped me tremendously in dealing with a diverse group of people, so I can definitely understand the authors intent here.

    I don't believe he's claiming Daks race is the main factor when dealing with his teammates, just pointing out the significant role it can play not only in sports but American culture in general.

    I think it's ridiculous for anyone to be offended by this article, but I won't engage with anyone here on the topic, as it's not even debatable in my opinion.
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    I didn't say you had to be. I said it helps. Because you have something in common with one person of another race and culture and relate well to them doesn't mean you now have the personal experience to help you relate to a group of 100 men of different races and cultures. It is a fact that as groups blacks and whites have some different interests and preferences. Just because you personally done doesn't mean the average person or majority doesn't.

    As the author and Dak stated being exposed to different music is one area where Dak can relate to more people. On average more white people prefer country music than black people. On average more black people prefer r&b than white people. Dak was exposed to both and likes both. Therefore he can relate to a greater percentage of the locker room when music preference is the subject and this increases his ability to converse and relate to more people.

    Have you ever been in the situation where you were the only person of your race in a large group of people ? If so then you would know that for the vast majority of people that could be slightly uncomfortable the first time it happened. However, after experiencing that the next time you'd know how you felt and likely be more comfortable knowing deep down we are all very similar despite some cultural differences.

    Do you realize there is still racism in America? Part of the reason is the cultural differences and the devide that causes. This is why many people are essentially ***holes. They can't really help it. Their ignorance takes over. People of mixed race backgrounds have less of this ignorance because, often, they experience both cultures. That's not to say ALL other people do it share some of that experience. It is just on average they don't.
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    I don't understand how this article suggested interracial relationships are not as binding.

    His interacial component can be measured and it was. By him. This is his experience and he gives that experience credit for his ability to relate to others.

    No one is suggesting deep relationships can't be forged. Racial likeness isn't the factor. It's cultural and common interests and Dak has seen both cultures this in his words has broadened some of his interests. Differences, of course, can be overcome to form relationships, but common interests are important. On average there are some cultural differences between the races and Dak has less of these difference than the average person because of his experience.
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    People just read the story and take it for what it is another positive write up about Dak and his background and leadership ability, his cool, calm, collectiveness, how he has adapted to his situation, his determination, confidence, his character. It is no slight to Romo or any other nantionalities on the team or in the NFL.
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    The article suggest Romo is at disadvantage to Dak in the locker room to relate to his teammates because of race.
    I did not say Dak's interracial component can not be measured, I said it's affects on his demeanor, personality and upbringing can not be measured. It's unknowable because we do not know how those things would have alternatively been had he been born of two black or two white parents. It's a juxtaposition we will never know and are only speculating on now. He is clearly comfortable within his own skin and I commend him for his confidence.
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    Just because everyone suffers doesn't mean everyone's suffering is the same.
    We all will die. But some will die from accidents. Some will die from disease. Some will willingly give their lives. Some will die in old age. And each of those deaths will have their own stories. Each of the victims would have a story to tell as will their survivors.
    Don't dismiss another person's suffering by trivializing it through commonality.
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    Good post. I also thought the author could have centered the article on Prescott without adding fluff.
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    Got it. We disagree on if there is an advantage because of culture and dynamics.

    I respect your opinion and it's admirable.
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    No, that "anonymous" quote from a player is just made up. It is yet another slam on Romo by the evil media. Tony should start this game.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I hope by all that is holy Prescott finishes this season and performs to an expectation level that will satisfy people.

    If not, we will have one long offseason that might make the Quincy/Hutch wars look tame.

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