News: USAToday-Tony Romo, Cowboys seeking a moment in the sun

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    OXNARD, Calif. – Tony Romo was beaming as he sauntered off the field after a morning walk-through practice a week into training camp, and it had nothing to do with the series of laser passes he threw to the end zone that made for snappy work in the red zone.

    The Dallas Cowboys' lightning rod of a quarterback is a daddy now, which in itself removed some of the monotony of camp. The boy's name is Hawkins Crawford Romo, and he arrived in April a few weeks before the NFL draft.
    Ask about the baby (whose middle name you know because his proud father mentioned the full name), and Romo breaks into a wide grin.

    You'd think he just threw a game-winning touchdown pass.
    "Every two weeks, he's changing a bit," Romo reports. "He'll be here in camp soon."Romo, 32, is typically a bit bubbly, sometimes even after a loss. But that enthusiasm takes on a different tone as he ponders the abrupt changes to his lifestyle. Sleep comes at a premium. He thinks he sometimes feeds the baby too much, considering what happens next. He changes diapers. He's thinking long term, pledging to support whatever Hawkins develops a passion for — even if that means his son winds up playing football.

    He also can easily recall the anxiety — and relief — that he felt in the delivery room.
    "There are 80 things that can happen," he says. "It's crazy. Then all of a sudden — boom! For me, I'm thinking, 'There really must be a God.' Think of all the craziness you have to go through to make this perfect.
    "And it's amazing how someone you've never met before you just love that fast."

    Jason Witten can vouch for this vibe. The all-pro tight end is Romo's favorite target and closest teammate. They are the longest-tenured players on the team, both coming to the Cowboys in 2003; Witten as a third-round pick, Romo as an undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois.
    Now they can connect with a new dimension. Witten and his wife, Michelle, have two sons, 5 and 4.

    Romo has asked Witten things such as, "What age was the most fun?"
    "I've enjoyed talking to him about it as a part of growing up together," Witten says. "It's an exciting time for him, another chapter of his life. I haven't given him a whole lot of advice. People are constantly giving him advice. I just told him to enjoy it."

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