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    Pete Prisco

    Dallas Cowboys: They wisely passed on Manziel to take guard Zack Martin to solidify their line. I liked the trade up to get defensive end Demarcus Lawrence in the second as well. That was must-get in this draft. Grade: B


    Rob Rang

    Dallas Cowboys

    It looked for a few minutes there like Jerry Jones might throw caution to the wind and nab Johnny Manziel but he exercised restraint and the smarter football choice, nabbing the ultra-safe Zach Martin in the first round. A day later, the gambler in Jones returned with an aggressive move to go get Demarcus Lawrence, a gifted pass rusher who fills a glaring hole with Demarcus Ware now with the Denver Broncos. With only Day Three picks left, the Cowboys are likely to only get special teams contributions from the rest of their class. I'm highest on the first three of them in linebacker Anthony Hitchens, wideout Devin Street and versatile defensive lineman Ben Gardner as quality developmental prospects. Grade: B


    Josh Katzenstein


    Martin was a great value to fill a need at No. 16, and the trade up with the Lions for Lawrence was a good move. The Cowboys found good value with their five seventh-round picks, but missed a chance to add another offensive playmaker. Grade: B

    From The Detroit News:


    Charean Williams

    Dallas Cowboys

    Grade: B

    Trader Jerry stood pat at No. 16 — though he would have moved down had the Cowboys gotten a solid offer — but he made two trades in the next two days. The Cowboys were left without a third-rounder after finding two starters in the third round last year. They used seven of nine picks on defensive players to help the third-worst unit in NFL history. If they’re right on Lawrence, it was a good draft.


    Dallas Cowboys

    For the second straight season, the Cowboys went offensive line in the first round — but unlike Travis Frederick, Zack Martin wasn’t a reach. The former Notre Dame tackle can be a fantastic guard with a little finishing work. Boise State defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence will try to replace a more prominent DeMarcus (Mr. Ware), and he has the nascent tools to do so, though the second round might have been a slight reach. Outside linebackers Anthony Hitchens and Will Smith will reinforce positions needed as Dallas tries to move intelligently to a 4-3 this year, and Baylor safety Will Dixon could be special as long as he stays out of trouble off the field and plays with a bit more discipline on it. Seventh-round Oregon cornerback Terrance Mitchell might be the sleeper here.

    Grade: B-minus


    Rainer Sabin, DMN

    Dallas Cowboys: B-

    Improving the worst defense in the NFL was the Cowboys’ primary objective heading into the draft. Dallas needed disruptive players capable of amplifying the team’s pass rush that had been weakened by the departures of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher in March. So it was no surprise the Cowboys made a serious effort to grab a defensive end, trading their second- and third-round picks to Washington to move into a better position so they could take Demarcus Lawrence of Boise State. The Cowboys gave up a lot to get Lawrence, and this draft will likely be judged based on his performance.

    The choice of Lawrence overshadowed the first-round selection of Zack Martin, the Notre Dame offensive tackle expected to play guard with the Cowboys. Martin was considered a safe pick and should be a fixture on the line charged with protecting 34-year-old quarterback Tony Romo. Martin, Iowa linebacker Anthony Hitchens and Pittsburgh receiver Devin Street fill secondary needs for the Cowboys. Hitchens will serve as a backup option for middle linebacker Sean Lee, who has missed 18 games because of injuries since entering the league in 2010. Street fills the void left by Miles Austin, who was released in March.

    Like Austin, he can play on the inside and outside, allowing the Cowboys to be flexible with the deployment of their receivers. Seventh-round picks Ben Gardner, Ahmad Dixon and Will Smith will provide depth for a defense that requires reinforcements and was the area of greatest concern heading into this draft. Overall, this class doesn’t have much star appeal but it supports the infrastructure the Cowboys have built.



    Eric Edholm, Yahoosports

    Dallas Cowboys: C+

    The Cowboys moved up for Lawrence, which filled a massive need, and they made a handful of interestingly [sic] but hardly noteworthy picks thereafter. The two top choices should start immediately, but it's hard to tell if any of the other players will stick for long.
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    Watching ESPN and the sidebar with Mel Kiper grades shows us with a B grade as well.

    Surprised with all of the B grades.
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    I think it may be what we see in the forum immediately after Dallas does anything; there's a tendency for a backlash.
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    Why, most teams grades are c- to b+ because if you noticed all the "draft experts" like all the draft prospects. I don't buy any of the BS, I think our draft was a D. Martin is a very good pick and Lawrence while he might be a nice player is not worth 2 in my book. I would much rather of had Kony Ealy and Tra Turner.
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    Only way you ever get an A from these guys is if you somehow manage to get multiple Round 1 choices. Aka browns, vikes.

    We got 2 number 1's this year in a sense a well as Martin and Lawrence. I would say B+
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    Pancakes and rabbits.
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    I was high on Ealy as well as Lawrence in the 1st mostly because of extreme need at RE, DeMarcus fits the roster and scheme better than Kony,.... and Martin is a huge upgrade, thankfully he was there. A consensus safe choice in the Top of the Draft.

    In the end this was a nice Year of Drafting for Dallas and could end up being an A+ by mid-season, simply because of position needs being filled properly.

    Zach Martin is a man, that selection just made the Dallas Cowboys hands down one of the best 5 Olines in the entire League and the strength of this team. Cue us in for one of the best Passing Offenses for yet another season and finally a formidable running force as well.

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