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    Cowboys Draft '09 -- Lets Play the Scenario Game
    by Rafael Vela on Apr 23, 2009 11:41 PM CDT
    Let's run down some possible drafting combos, going on a couple of hunches:

    First, Dallas will get a safety with one of its first two picks. If there's a need position, this is it.
    Second, I don't anticipate many moves up or down, at least not in the 2nd round.
    Scenario One -- The Surprise Option

    51- Max Unger, C, Oregon
    69 - Darcel McBath, FS, Texas Tech
    101 -- Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina
    117 -- Brandon Williams, OLB, Texas Tech
    Unger goes in most mocks about 8-10 spots ahead of the Cowboys' first pick. But sometimes good players fall. Jerry Jones mentioned today that Flozell Adams and Andre Gurode were both players slotted into first round mocks, who fell into the early 2nd their respective years.

    Unger would provide cover for all five line spots. He's a center who can also play guard or tackle. If he drops, Dallas wouldn't hesitate to pick him.

    Scenario Two -- Safety First

    51 -- Louis Delmas, FS, Western Michigan
    69 -- Lawrence Sidbury, OLB, RIchmond
    101 -- Jason Williams, LB, Western Illinois
    117 -- Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Houston
    If the higher safety on the Cowboys board is there, they take what they need and keep stocking the defense. Williams is another LB option besides Brinkley. He looks like Kevin Burnett with bulk, a 241 pounder who runs the 40 in 4.5. He could start in the nickel and work towards playing all three downs.

    Scenario Three -- The Move Option

    51- Brian Robiske, WR, Ohio State
    69 -- Darcel McBath, FS, Texas Tech
    90 -- (trade up) Stephen McGee, QB, Texas A&M
    117 -- Brandon Williams, OLB, Texas Tech
    A very Texan flavor to this mock. I'm building this one on the assumption that Delmas and Unger are gone. In that case, Dallas resists forcing a pick and goes with a wideout. McBath fills the safety need in the early third and Dallas makes a move of approximately 10-12 spots to nab McGee, who will likely go somewhere in the 3rd round, from what I'm hearing. Williams brings a pass rushing prospect in the 4th.

    There are many other permutations, but I think the Cowboys will follow a script similar to these. They'll take some combination of FS, ILB, OLB, WR, QB and OL, and just go with the best option at each pick. Review the list of attendees to Dallas "Texas Day" and the team's prospect day and draw up a few more scenarios of your own.
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    Just keep Brinkley out of any "permutations" involving the first 4 picks. :)

    And I like Vollmer, but how the heck did he climb that high???
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    More mention of Max Unger.

    That's what my gut is telling me as well.

    I'm wondering if McBath isn't available at the top of round 4.

    That's where I have the Cowboys taking him in my latest mock.

    It's close to what Vela is saying.

    #51 Unger
    #69 Sidbury/Veikune
    #101 McBath
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    I like scenarios number 1 or number 2.

    I'm growing cool on Robiske. I don't think he's quick enough.
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    Ditto, 1 and 2 look ok but isn't 69 a bit early for McBath?
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    YES! And he also reaches with Brinkley, Vollmer & Brandon Williams IMO.
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    Yeah we have some similarities. Here is mine:

    2nd- Sean Smith CB/FS or Max Unger C
    3rd-Andy Levitre OG or Rashad Johnson FS
    4th-Jason Williams ILB
    4th Brandon Williams OLB
    5th Terrance Taylor NT
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    Scenario Four: My gut tells me they move up top of second round and draft a pass rusher who falls English, maybe Barwin. I'd give less than a ten percent chance they stay at 51. JMO
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    good thoughts and scenarios zoners

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