Vela on scrimmage, high praise offense, crushes the D Line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Which is why they should have started rebuilding it at least two years ago. Same thing with safety.
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    Two years ago, they were still in the 3-4 scheme & had Ware/Spencer as their primary pass rushers, with Spencer coming off of his best season by far. They of course transitioned back to the 4-3 last season. Gonna take a little time. The Claiborne pick can be referenced in hindsight, as they've said they would've likely taken Brockers & Wagner had they stayed put. But in either scheme, Brockers is a NT. That said, I'm also happy with their efforts to rebuild the O-Line with 1st round picks Smith, Frederick & Martin. Wasn't a big fan of Shariff Floyd myself, so I didn't mind that.

    As far as was said they liked Mark Barron quite a bit, but they elected to take Mo after trading up to #6, and Barron went to the Bucs at #7. The Rams selected Brockers at #14, the Cowboys original slot. They've also drafted a couple of guys they liked (Wilcox & Johnson). One can't stay healthy, and the book is still out on JJ.
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    Rams were taking Brockers no matter if they traded down or not.
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    When you trade picks to get guys like Claiborne and Lawrence, this is what you get. Zero depth.
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    Shame on you for putting your hopes on a injury prone player who has yet to play a full season.
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    It's like some don't remember how quickly this defensive line fell apart, so I'll recap.

    1. We moved from the 3-4 to 4-3, granted both schemes were primarily the same as far as gap assignments go, it still affected the way our players fit into the scheme, quite literally with size... Think Lissemore, another nice depth piece.

    2. Spencer-Ratliff-hatcher-ware looked great. But micro fracture, a quitter, and a player who just couldn't stay healthy saw about 20 combined missed games.

    3. Hatcher got paid. He in no way would have gotten that pay day if A.) we never switched schemes or B.) Ratliff wouldn't have quit and played the 3 tech. We likely would have been able to retain hatch for a fair price if not for that... But we made the smart call.

    4. Josh Brent. Unforeseen loss.

    Couple that with the fact that we were still reeling from the depletion of depth from the wade years and his less than stellar drafting, it's not hard to see how we got here.
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    jerry says if goodell reinstates brent he will have a roster spot for him
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    I'm also amazed that people seem to feel the DL could have been so easily improved despite what I mentioned above.

    Since 2010, I just do not see the same obvious opportunities as others. Bryant was a good pick, tyron possibly a better one.

    The real blunder is Mo', but has that one misstep really doomed us?

    Seriously, sift through the draft history, find a reasonable draftee that has gone on and succeeded when we had the chance to draft him. Or trade off Tyron for watt and be upset that we have no franchise LT.
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    two years ago they drafted Kyle Wilber as a 3-4 OLB and Tyrone Crawford as a 3-4 DE with their 2nd and 3rd picks.

    fans are hilarious with many of these complaints.

    Spencer and Brent are in their prime guys who looked like studs 2 years ago that would be anchors now. Lissemore was a reasonable NFL DL.
    The DL was far from devoid of talent.

    Any fan who refuses to recognize the basic annihilation of the DL between idiocy(Brent), injuries, salary and scheme change is flat too dumb to discuss football with.
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    I said months ago, before the Sean Lee injury, that the defense would be worse than last year. I factored in expected injuries, the loss of key veterans, and the reliance on unproven players. People said I was crazy and used some silly logic that since we were 32nd last year, there was only one place to go, up. I support the release of Hatcher and Ware, and I support the drafting of Martin in the 1st considering Donald and Shazier were gone. But I knew the moves were for the future and that our present would be hurt. We will be worse than our worst in franchise history from last year. Don't be surprised if we break league records, not just franchise. I said this months ago. Glad everyone is finally coming around.
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    No one sold us Crawford as a Hall of Famer. Maybe you got that from another board.
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    That was said of John Randle from Texas A&I. He was too light, not big enough, and just had a non-stop motor that wouldn't allow himself to continue being blocked. He was even a walk-on in a tryout manner.

    Story lines, even in the NFL, are sometimes tallied on a person's heart...that has to be proven out over time.
  13. CCBoy

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    I agree, Speed. The rule changes have affected the physicality of how intense the defense starts out in camp. The defensive unit did step up the intensity levels in the Red Zone. It has a pride, and that will prove out over time. Plus they will be coached up by Marinelli.

    Like you, I am more patience in direction with that unit. I don't see them as victims having an act of fraud and their credit card info being stolen...and then repeated against them.
  14. CCBoy

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    Fine, until an identity involving a departed Rob Ryan was thrown in as well...padding a next season attack upon Jason Garrett, and who? Rod Marinelli as well? No thanks to that part. This group of coaches stand upon it's own merits...and quid pro quo doesn't apply in a scene of developing and cap managing as well. They could only do so much in a single off season, and they aren't so dumb that they can't see the factors as well.
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    Just a reminder, again, injury affects an overall picture of competence...and just like last season, this defense has a large list of relevant and missing players due to injury:

    This was all the more remarkable considering the number of players that now dot the injury rolls. A grand total of fourteen men missed practice, most of them on the defense: George Selvie, Anthony Spencer, DeMarcus Lawrence, Matt Johnson, Barry Church, Terrell McClain, Mo Claiborne, Will Smith, Jakar Hamilton, Dashaun Phillips, Brandon Carr, and Sterling Moore all failed to dress; Rolando McClain, who tweaked his hamstring on Sunday, started to practice but soon had to walk off the field with trainers.The most evident consequence of these injuries was that, after two salty days in which they gave the offense all they had, the defense fell back to Earth, giving up a passel of big plays.
  16. CCBoy

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    The defense is continuing with it's own development, and progress is directionally being achieved, even now as well:

    ...After the stretching and pat-n-go sessions, the team was properly warmed up and stretched, and ready to begin practice in earnest. Up next is the "ball period," which has many brief phases:

    -The corners work on backpedaling and driving to a fixed location pointed to by a coach, and then on making contested interceptions as they cut in front of a receiver (with the contestation provided by Jerome Henderson holding a pad):


    At the same time, the safeties work on backpedaling, taking a good angle to a long pass, then high-pointing it for an interception. Next, they joined the corners to work on fading back, then changing direction to close on a ballcarrier. This tests players' ability to drop, "click-n-close" and to break down and wrap up a moving ballcarrier - all in one efficient exercise! After this, the corners worked on their footwork in press coverage, with outside leverage: two shuffle-steps to the side without crossing over, and then turning to run with the receiver while getting a hand on him in that first five-yard area.

    -The DL practices firing out quickly, then work on doing so low (hitting blocking sleds as they do). After getting their bodies quick and low once again, they turn to a series of bag drills. The first of these has them weaving through four evenly-spaced bags, turning to get to the "quarterback," represented by a bag with a partially-inflated ball at the top:


    This exercise not only test players' hands and footwork, but, because the goal is the ball in the "QBs" hands, fits nicely in the "ball period." To make this abundantly clear, one of the defensive coaches could be heard telling his players to "get the ball, get the ball" as they worked their way through the bags.

    After this, the D-line separates into two units for some technique work. The defensive tackles work on handfghting at close range, with the objective that they free themselves and get to the QB. The defensive ends move to the "tennis ball drill," in which they work on handfighting with an offensive tackle, gaining the edge, dipping around him and scooping up a tennis ball on the ground (to get the ball while moving, a player can't help but "dip and bend."

    -Meanwhile, the LBs first work on two stripping drills: one where they come up from behind and swat the ball out and another wherein they approach the ballcarrier from the front, punch the ball out and then try to recover it as it bounces. Next, the 'backers practice scraping along the line in pursuit on an edge run - with the key being that they don't over-run the play. This done, they visit a drill frequently seen at the NFL Combine: a coach holds a ball out and they follow the direction he moves it. This works on their ability to drop-and-close quickly and efficiently...
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    It's all rather confusing. There are people saying so and so looks great while other people don't mention him at all or say he looks terrible. The tweets from yesterdays practice said Crawford is very strong at the point of attack exactly what this guy says we don't have. I think I'll wait and watch the pre-season games and decide for myself before I write the season off.
  18. khiladi

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    Process... Improve the defense, while the offense declines. Improve the offense, while the defense declines. Repeat....

    At least Garrett is now walking the sidelines by the defense to take them to the promised land.
  19. Alexander

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    I was referring to Hatcher's comments.
  20. khiladi

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    To be honest though, I don't take too much stock into this. The offense is the strength and we improved offensively and apparently we are using Dez a hell of a lore more. Marinelli should get us to where we need be at minimum. If we get TOs like last year and improve a little in protecting pass yardage, we can get to the playoffs.

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