Vela: Wes' Weekly Draft Tips: Hire the Mentor to Get the Pupil?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Wes' Weekly Draft Tips: Hire the Mentor to Get the Pupil?

    Posted by Rafael at Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    In their zeal to lure a top football prospect, some college programs have offered jobs to the player's high school coach or his father. (Sometimes dad, is a coach, which makes the move easier to sell.) I've never been aware of such a move at the NFL level, but this week's draft chat with the National Football Press' Wes Bunting raises that intriguing prospect.

    Wes again confirms that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck would be the top prospect on his overall board, by some measure. Luck, however, has made statements suggesting he might now come out.

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    Meh.. i have to say more than that.

    If Luck grades out, and we have the opportunity, we have to do it, IMHO.

    I don't think its popular but i believe we have to think long term.

    Changing the culture in Dallas will take sometime. If we lose some or all of Romos' and Wares' careers, so be it.

    Dallas needs a complete restructuring and doing it while grooming a future elite QB (again if your personnel people tell you he is), than that is the way to go.

    Harbaugh is someone to consider, he runs a disciplined program and likes balance in his offense, he will protect his QB by having a strong run game.

    Again i don't think its popular but its what i believe, this team is not close to championship caliber. The culture has to totally change at Valley Ranch as we hopefully begin a transition to the Stephen Jones years.

    The coaching in Dallas is poor, that we can agree, but the players are not good either. Individuals without winning characteristics (and there are more than a few) even if talented, have to be identified and then replaced by a new staff. Not going to happen overnight.

    Just an opinion though.
  4. Cover 2

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    I hope we get him. It's nothing against Romo, but I don't want to deal with what we did after Troy retired.
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    I think anyone thinking about getting a quarterback right now is foolish.

    Spend a 1st round draft pick for a new quarterback? That is the real way to waste your QB's time in the league.

    That 1st round draft pick could go towards actually helping us win that season.
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    Luck wouldn't be an upgrade over Romo and Romo has way too many good years left. Wait another two years or so before you start looking for his replacement IMO. BTW there won't be another prospect like Bradford come out for a long time. Bradford may be a top 15 QB in the league already.
    Its really sad, but our roster really doesn't not have that many holes in it. Our OL could use an upgrade and our DBs...but every team has issues, most teams have more personnel issues than us. With our high pick next draft, we should obviously go OL and in round 2-3 also pick up a DB if there's a good one. I like Kendall Hunter a lot in round 4 to replace MBIII. The problem is and has been coaching. The staff JJ has assembled is a staff that is largely made up of people who will lapdog him. JJ has let his distant success cloud his self-assessment that he can do it again, this time by himself with puppets doing his bidding. Obviously we went through a long spell where we just flat out didn't have the talent to compete, but with the parity of late combined with the roster that BP largely built, this team should be winning 9 of 10 games. Go through the rosters of any of the "good teams" this year or any of the last few SB'll find multiple OL and other weaknesses. No team can have a probowler at every position....(oddly enough, we've come closer than any other team in the league)...yet good coaching and scheming covers/masks deficiencies and maximizes strengths.
    Now that WP has been brutally exposed, one has to go back and question how many W's and possibly hardware we left on the table. It has become brutally apparent that, not only can he flat out NOT be a HC, but WP is obviously a horrible DC also. Now, as good as our defense has been til this year (and I realize someone will say WP must be a good DC because we had top defenses but keep reading), I have to wonder how good it could've been the past few years if we had a real DC that could draw up a scheme that would actually confuse an opposing QB instead of completely relying on superior personnel to win one on one matchups incessantly. Even as good as our D has been, I challenge someone to go find a game where the opposing QB looked completely confused. Most of our INTs have been Mike Jenkins making great individual plays rather than our combo zone/man or disguise causing confusion. We've all read the verbage from other teams about how simple our schemes are to figure out. We've made David Gerrard look like an all-pro. Every time we play the NYG, Eli looks like the second coming of Peyton. Cutler, Vince Young....the only QB we consistently do well against is Donovan McNabb, probably why Reid traded him to the skins.
    I also have been frustrated the last few years how, when an opposing team loads up a huge 7-8 man blitz they always blast Romo immediately before he even has a second to think. Meanwhile, we can blitz 10 people and the opposing QB will still have 3-4 seconds. ***?!?! There's no way our players are that bad, a lot of other teams, who would kill to have our defensive personnel, are using their scrubs to get to our QB. To borrow from the political message and cliche "Its the economy stupid!" conclusion about Wade's lack of performance as a DC is "Its the scheme stupid!" And I offer my hypothesis that our D would've been near dominant had we had a decent DC. I think we even might have even missed out on a trophy. IMO, when TO was here, not that i could stand him, we should've had at least one trophy. Anyone else think this?
    You can't tell me the Steeler team that won was any good (or the one before that one either), the Saints team that we whipped a few weeks earlier didn't have some major holes and personnel weak spots, or that we didn't whip the same NYG team twice in the regular season only to NOT make any adjustments and lose at home to them when it counted....
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    Please name a team that had a legit Pro bowl quarterback and drafted a quarterback with the 1st overall pick, and that ended up working out for them?

    I.e. they won a super bowl with said quarterback.
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    November 3rd and we're talking about draft picks. :puke:
  9. dmq

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    Hard to say on this one. Romo might have a bunch of years left if we can protect him.
  10. The Realist

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    I'd draft him to hold him hostage for a trade, but that's about it.
  11. Cover 2

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    It would be similar to what the Packers did. Romo's not exactly young. Let Luck sit behind him for three years.

    Also there is no situation similar, because most teams with Pro Bowl quarterbacks aren't picking in the top 5 of a draft. We're in a unique situation.
  12. Jimz31

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    Sad isn't it? THIS is what we are being relegated to.....
  13. btcutter

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    Seriously, Romo has only been a starter for 4 yrs. He's got another 5 years barring serious injury and you want to draft another QB with salary that'll be HIGHER than Romo's???

    If we are picking top 5 then let's take a franchise LT for the next 10 years and move Free to RT where he performed extremely well. Now you got your bookends set for 10 yrs.


    Trade down for two 1st round picks and pick up more OL help with C and G.

    Drafting another QB in the top 5 will ruin this franchise for at least 5 yrs just off QB controversies. A team has ONE QB. If you have two then you have none!.
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    when romo does fall off or retire who is to say we will be in as good a position to get a top qb as we are now? matter of fact who is to say there will be a good qb in that particular years draft? there may be another brady quinn situation. peoples love for romo goes way too far. i would draft a qb
  15. Ren

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    Packers Rodgers
    Chargers Phillips

    edit i didn't read you said won a SB doh
  16. Jimz31

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    Peoples not understanding what we have in Romo is what goes too far.

    Do some research and see what he has meant to this team and where he is historically....among ALL QB's.

    I believe that if you go to the History Zone you will see what I am referring to.
  17. Ren

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    There's no franchise LT that high in this draft class

    Unless there's a new CBA we're going to have a hard time trading out of a top 5 pick

    We might have Romo for 4-5 more years, luck is 21 he'd be around for 12-15. By the time we get all the pieces in place to win with Romo we might only get 1 shot at it before we're back in the post Aikman years. Take Luck and he works out and we'll be ready to make a run in the same time frame only we'll have him for another 10 years added to the back end of that.

    As much as a lot of fans want to deny this we're not just a few pieces away.
    We need 4 new starters on the OL, 1 maybe 2 MLBs, at least 1 CB, 2 starting safeties, 1 or 2 DE
    as well as quality depth on **** near every position.

    We're not going to be able to get all that in the short window we have left with Romo, If Luck is there when we draft we'd be foolish to pass
  18. jobberone

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    If you have the first pick and Luck comes out then you trade down. Romo has too many years left as a top NFL QB.
  19. UnoDallas

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    Eli Manning 1st round (1st overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft. 07

    Peyton Manning 1st round (1st overall) of the 1998 NFL Draft. 06

    Troy Aikman 1st round (1st overall) of the 1989 NFL Draft 92 93 95

    Jim Plunkett 1st round (1st overall) of the 1971 NFL Draft. 80 83

    Terry Bradshaw the 1st round (1st overall) of the 1970 NFL Draft 74 75 78 79

    Joe Namath 1st round (1st overall) of the 1965 AFL Draft
  20. Ren

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    He has 4 maybe 5 years left and we have many needs, no quick fix is going to fix this mess. His best years are probably just going to go to wasted on a bunch of 9-7 seasons where we keep trying to convince our selves that 1 more player is going to get us over the top until he retires and we're sitting here without a QB wondering what happened

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