News: Vela: Yes, Virginia, It Is a Process

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Yes, Virginia, It Is a Process

    Posted by Rafael at Thursday, August 16, 2012

    The injury malaise lingers, and it's making the Cowboys faithful grumpy. Where is the backup center? Where is the shiny new 3rd receiver?

    Patience, grasshoppers. They will show up soon enough. The key is re-integrating those injured and doing due diligence for the first and second league cut-downs. However much you want the team to indulge your desires to knee-jerk, remember one thing: the last time this team made a major deal impulsively, Roy Williams came in and a lot of high draft picks and money left town. Is this really the mind-set you want Dallas to adopt?

    Here are some remedies I think may be coming, starting with the offensive line...

    *(and a shoutout to jjktkk)
  2. jobberone

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    Good read and maybe just possibly I feel a little better.
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    here's the thing: how LONG a process is this going to be? Let's just say most cowboys fans are sick and tired of hearing about the 'process'. Secondly, if Rafael's quote can be believed: and I think it can as he's VERY credible, then Holland isn't here now because of flat out cheapness on Jerrah's part:

    "Failing that, you'll probably see Montrae Holland signed in week two. A contract disagreement apparently moved the team to sign Dockery and Dan Loper instead of Holland after the three worked out. Holland performed best, according to observers, but is still waiting for a job":bang2:

    .......just an ASSININE, and crazy way to run an organization.:rolleyes:
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    Do you expect Jerry to just snap his fingers, and presto, a new Oline emerges? Last year was the beginning of the process. In year two, I expect a significant improvement from the Oline. I too, am inpatient about the Oline struggles, but I also realize that the complete Oline overhaul doesn't happen overnight.
  5. jobberone

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    I don't know what the cap situation is but all teams leave some money on the table for problems later on in the year.
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    Here is something I do not grasp. Do the Cowboys have a GUARANTEE that Holland will sit back and wait for us to sign him? Are we positive Holland has no other suitors? This is just puzzling to me. When we have a guy that we KNOW is better than Dockery and Loper...and we can afford him....but we refuse to bring him in over what amounts to peanuts!
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't get it either. These aren't just camp bodies. Any injuries and they're going to have to play. So why cheap out?
  8. Teague31

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    I think we will be fine when our starting five is out there. Not elite but good enough.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    I feel the same.
  10. T-RO

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    Vela used to be a very good real. Now his written work is like the Prozac of the Cowboys community. It doesn't change anything about the Cowboy's mess, but he makes you feel it less.

    I like what Jim Carey says about anti-depressants. They help you smile meekly at your neighbor while you live in subdued despair. Carey got off them because he wanted to feel all of life, without the stupor.

    I refuse to be a hapless sedated sheep. I shout out: Jerry you are a worthless turd with an addled and lost mind. Free the Cowboys!!!
  11. CATCH17

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    It's good to hear Costa has looked better this year.

    I thought Kowalski was solid last year so if Livings and Bernadeu can give us some solid play we may end up in good shape.

    If one of the guards is terrible hopefully we'll keep Holland on speed dial.
  12. BBQ101

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    Do you know how much he asked for? How much is too much? Maybe the Cowboys had a number in mind, and he wasn't even close. No one has signed him yet. Maybe he has told the Cowboys he will allow them to match any offer on the table? Lots of reasons right there for the Cowboys to hold off on signing him.

    Dockery and Loper are not startes (baring long term injury), so just because Holland is better than them doesn't mean that much. Starters are hurt right now, but coming back. I think it makes sense to wait.

    It is easy to spend someone elses money, but you can't just look for today. I say wait and spend it on a quality player or Holland past the first week if needed. Assuming our "starters" can get back (Arkin, Costa, Beuderorosursl), I think our line will be ok. Not all world beaters, but our offense if good enough given our skill positions. Remember, we still got drilled for 10 mil in salary cap over the next two years. That is a meaningful number, and it is in our best interest to spend money as wisely as possible.

    Let me see what the defense can do this year. Just give me a bit better on that side of the ball and we can go places.

  13. SilverStarCowboy

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    Dallas offseason and training camp netted nothing, resurecting an Oline turns out to be harder than expected.

    Jerrah on top of everything else is now being a cheapskate....sign Holland already.
  14. Prossman

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    When u have physical training camps people get dinged up. Camp cupcake was about keeping everyone healthy for the start of the regular season. The problem was when u get to december you are not physically prepared to finish games or the season. Alot of physical teams are beat up right now, greenbay, the pats, the giants,the steelers and us. Weve lost nagy, but the rest of our injuries are not year ending. Players will be back, and realistically atleat half of the players that are out would play if it were the regular season. There is no reason to rush guys back now. Dallas uses the preseason to evaluate talent not win games like some teams do. Also to get guys like leary , arkin, and other young guns actual game time, that they wont see during the season. Arkin said he already has more game time in the preseason than all of last preseason. So do we want to pay Holland allot of money when he wont be able to beat out Living or bernaduo anyway. Do we hold out to see if any quality veteran cap casualties come available late in preseason?!! Its to early to pull the panic button because our young guys need all the reps they can get and better talent could come available with tin the next month.
  15. Idgit

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    We're about as sure as we can be. He's been left untouched each time we've cut him to-date, and every other roster right now is stocked with his share of veterans. Dockery and Loper aren't going to make the team. If they sign Holland, it'll be in week 2 so they don't have to guarantee the contract.

    They'd also have the opportunity to outbid another team if another suitor comes calling. It's not like his agent isn't going to call the Cowboys to get their bid before signing a contract. They may end up paying more in that event, but its unlikely to work out that way, anyway.
  16. BlindFaith

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    Holland, Holland, Holland. Our savior. And ours alone since he is currently sitting at home and not on anyones roster. Even "Big" Davis is on a roster and he was done two years ago.

    There will be plenty of Hollands available after the final cuts if we need one. Ones that may actually want to play rather than just want to collect a paycheck.

    So please, enough of the we need Holland. Can we at least shift the battle cry to - we need a guy that is actually on an NFL roster at the moment but will be cut by another team at the end of preseason.
  17. jazzcat22

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    They should improve as the season goes on.
  18. bbailey423

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    So are we sending a message that training camp is NOT that waiting until after week 1? All I know is we have ZERO chance this year with the way our interior OL looked last week. Of course they were not the starters...but right now...they would be the guys playing if one of the starters got hurt...and I don't expect the backups to be as good as the starters...but I do expect us to at least be able to run a play. We could not run any plays with the 1st string OL last week. Is that too much to ask? You think the WRs, QB and RBs would be excited on Sundays knowing Dockery and/or Arkin were starting? I mean this is a NFL team...and not just any NFL team....the Dallas Cowboys. And we were celebrating the fact that the QB/C exchange was clean!!!!!!!!!!!!! What has become of my team?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. CoCo

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    I agree that from our vantage point the failure to sign Holland is puzzling if its about money. But its not like Jerry has a reputation of being cheap, unwilling to spend when the situation demands it. There is a salary cap to be mindful of.

    And I'm going to assume that Garrett is fully on board with the current approach since they reportedly make decisions as a FO team. We'll just have to wait this out a bit longer, get our expected starters healthy and dare I say it... trust the process. :)
  20. CowboyManDan

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    This article tries to make you feel better, but the reality of it is there's little to feel good about in the interior line.

    We didn't bring in all pros between Bernadeu and was a backup and the other wasn't wanted by his team any longer. Behind them we have even less. Sure there's a chance everything will work out just fine and the chemistry will gel just right with the projected starters in the very short time remaining before the regular season. I hope so. But I have my doubts. And beyond the projected starters, we've been seeing what we have...and that's basically nothing. If it's not something to worry about, than I don't know what is.

    Holland, Loper, etc are just bodies.Teams have what 90 players now? I they're not considered good enough to have been part of that original group across the league from the get go, than there's little chance they're going can make an impact.

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