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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 22, 2012.

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    This mock assumes ONE trade. Dallas trades pick # 45 to the Lions for Picks #54, #116 and #149)

    Round 1: #14 David DeCastro G Stanford
    Round 2: #54 Jayron Hosley CB Va. Tech
    Round 3: #81 Markelle Martin FS. Okla. State
    Round 4: #112 Phillip Blake C Baylor
    Round 4 #116 Almeda Ta'Amu DT/NG Washington
    Round 4: Supp. LaMichael James RB Washinton
    Round 5: #143 Ryan Broyles WR (slot) Oklahoma
    Round 5: #149 Marcus Forston DT Miami
    Round 6: #174 Travis Lewis ILB Oklahoma
    Round 7: #205 Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State


    #14 If DeCastro is there, he is the pick.

    #54 There are more options with this pick than probably any other pick. Dallas trades with recent trading partner Detroit and accumulates picks because of the options available. I think there are a LOT of players Dallas would love to have at this spot, but they almost HAVE to take a corner in the first two rounds or Jenkins can hold them hostage next year. The pick is Hosley.

    #81 Dallas needs a more permanent fix to the revolving door at free safety than Brodney Pool. It takes Martin who has fallen this far due to a recent injury history. He is rated by CBS Sportsline as the second best at his position.

    #112. Dallas takes Blake if he is there. Although it is possible he might be there a bit longer Dallas wont chance it and takes him here. If Blake is Gone, Dallas takes the Center from Ohio State here.

    #116 Dallas Takes Almeda Ta'Amu here to shore up the run defense, collapse the pocket and improve short yardage/goal line defense.

    Supplemental pick. LaMichael James falls just like DeMarco Murray did last year. Felix is a FA next year and he allows Felix to be expendable, next year. Great value. The steal of the draft for the Cowboys again this year.

    #143 Ryan Broyles. He is projected as a lower round pick in some draft projections, but the stats in his case don't lie. We get the slot receiver we want. He could be gone by this point. He might be the most underrated player in this entire draft. He would challenge James as the steal of this mock.

    #149 Marcus Forston. Top rated athlete falls due to injuries and character issues. Lots of upside. This is Jerry's yearly roll of the dice high risk, high reward player.

    #174 Travis Lewis was a solid player for the Sooners for his entire tenure at OU. A solid player who will contribute. Low bust factor and good value this late in the draft.

    #205 V.Burfict I don't think I need to address why he has slipped this far. Another of Jerry's swing for the fences bargain basement bin players. High risk high reward.
  2. jswalker1981

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    I don't think a seventh round pick is that high of a risk.
  3. cowboy_ron

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    So you're blaming Jerry for YOUR mock?:laugh2:
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    Outside of Ta'Amu who I have no interest in because he represents everything I fear in a prospect and hate about players with his attitude and skill set I would come away very happy. Want no part of Burfict but if he's there in the 7th go ahead. You can just his but loose when moron in him shows up.
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    Nice job.
  6. Verdict

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    I don't blame Jerry for much. I'm one of the guys that thinks Jerry is a pretty good GM despite his faults. Be careful what you wish for. You might hate the next GM far more than you hate Jerry.
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    No to Martin in three. James and Ta'amu wont be there in four.
  8. Verdict

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    Yes. I probably should have said low risk, high reward, but I also meant his risk of not being worth a darn is higher than normal as well. :)
  9. Verdict

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    It is possible that you are entirely correct. But no one expected Murray to be available in the 3rd last year. Running backs ten to be undervalued in the draft and tend to fall.

    Ta'amu has enough warts that he could fall this far or farther. I think this years draft will be a lot less predictable than it has been in recent memory. We won't get DeCastro in the 7th.... lol.... but the talking heads can't even agree who is going to likely go in the top 10 this year, so who knows how far a player will rise or fall over expectations.
  10. cowboy_ron

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    Very true
  11. DFWJC

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    Nice effort.
  12. Sam I Am

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    :insane: :angryno:
  13. Verdict

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    I would be thrilled with this draft. With exception to 2 ILB's at the end. Granted its late, but with Lee, Carter, Connor, and Lemon we're pretty set. Could see Burfict as a flyer, but not 2 ILB.

    And can't imagine Lemichael James falling all the way to 4. Too talented. But certainly a nice batch of backs outside of Richardson, with Doug Martin, Lemar Miller, Lemichael James, and David Wilson.

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