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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by trickblue, May 9, 2006.

  1. junk

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    IMO, any criticism of defensive schemes has to include Parcells as well.

    You can't have BP force a scheme down his throat and then blame Zim entirely if it isn't what is expected.
  2. Hostile

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    You are mistaken. There are 2 different ones. For reference see where he is from the Center when tackled.
  3. TonyS

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    I'd respectfully disagree with you on the back-to-back clips. It is definitely the same tackle if you look the players and especially #90 for OSU and where he is on both plays, its just a reverse angle and a different angle than the previous clip.

    Not that it makes any difference as it is a great play and great pursuit anyway.
  4. Mash

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    He shows a great burst.....footspeed ....

    But then again....the scheme he was in......Im just going by the highlites.....he either had a free shot at the Qb or ball carrier or he was being attempted to be blocked by a TE.

    He will be facing NFL OT's here.....not TE....and we have Zimmer here putting him in position....

    I just have a feeling that he will be a solid LB.....but nothing spectacular.....a difference maker?.....IMHO....I dont think he will be.
  5. Doomsday101

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    I guess we will see. I think he will be outstanding and at least he is not 1 dimensional like Lawson. There is more to the position than going after the QB and Carpenter has the size and quickness to play all facets of the position.
  6. Hostile

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    The first time he brings VY down is 41 seconds into the video. Notice how many steps VY takes and where he is in relation to where he was when he took off. Also notice that teammates immediately are there and Carpenter pounds on one.

    At 51 seconds in is another angle of the same tackle.

    At 1:09 is the 2nd clip where he brings down VY from behind. Notice where the tackle takes place in relation to the Center. It's almost to the sidelines. Notice him avoiding another player. Notice VY escaping one player before Carp runs him down from a good angle. Notice him standing over him and not pounding on teammates.

    They are clearly not the same play therefore he does bring him down from behind twice.
  7. Mash

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    I agree...I think he is the most complete LB drafted....
  8. Charles

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    I can't wait until Ware and Carpenter meet at an opposing QB, they better get to Leftwich because he can out thrown any coverage or DB.
  9. flashback

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    I hope Bobby has everything it takes to start from day 1 at OLB. He's going to have some help with Spears/Ellis playing DE on that side, and Brady James will be right there, and hopefully the 2ndary will create some time for him to get to the QB.

    I also think offenses are going to have to pay more attention to the other side, where Canty, Ware and Ayodele roam.

    But even if Carpenter isn't ready to go when this season starts, Burnett played that side a little last year, and Kalen Thornton was looking pretty good in the pre-season before he got hurt. The Cowboys definitely have some depth along the front 7.
  10. junk

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    He'll face his fair share of TEs as well.
  11. junk

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    No doubt about Leftwich since he has demonstrated that time and time again in the league. :rolleyes:
  12. mschmidt64

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    You guys hadn't seen these yet?

    Man, yahoo has a much longer set of highlights. It includes every one of the clips here, but it's 5 minutes worth instead of two minutes. Better quality too.


    Just click on the little video icon next to his name.
  13. theogt

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    They're the same as the MSN videos too I believe. They were posted here long ago. In fact, they were posted here before most other forums.
  14. trickblue

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    Those are good too... we had those posted in the Draft Zone... this is just one I hadn't seen yet...

    Thanks for the link for those that had not seen them yet...
  15. dmq

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    I personally like the play where he sheds the blocker to make the tackle. Very important thing to do for a LBer. Also, he doesn't need to be a burner out there because QBs are gonna be running his direction to get away from Ware.
  16. theogt

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    Yeah, I wish they would have showed much more of those instead of all the wide open shots at the QB.
  17. AdamJT13

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    From everything I've seen, he appears to be very good at disengaging blockers. I've seen a bunch of plays where a guy tries to block him, but Carpenter just tosses him aside to pursue the ball.

    In one pre-draft analysis, it said, "Showed good improvement with his hands in 2005 in attempts to fend off blocks and pursue the play. ... Has strong hands to grab, pull and jerk blockers to the ground, but when he does not get them up quickly, blockers lock on to his pads and he struggles to disengage."
  18. 1Ware1

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    I am starting to really like this pick
  19. VirusX

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    TB Your hired as my archiver ;)
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    That was really good.....he is fast.....I am going to watch the A. J. Hawk one now.

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