Video: Video - Cowboys at Bengals - Week 14

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Kilyin, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I look forward to these videos, thanks man. Much appreciated!!
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    Thanks op.
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    Thanks to the OP.

    Anyone else get really annoyed during the game at the 27:13 mark of the 4th quarter? Stupid Cowboys fan yelling while we're driving for the game-winning FG and the Bengals fans are trying to be as loud as possible. :laugh2: Fits the stereotype of the clueless Cowboys fan who doesn't know when to get loud and when to be quiet.
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    I totally got annoyed. There was a shot of one female Cowboys fan almost trying to rile upe the crowd during a key, late Cowboys possession. Just clueless (not because she's female - just using that as a descriptor). It's probably the same person you're referring to in your post. That stupidity pisses me off too.
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    That's exactly who I was referring to. It was during our game-winning drive with the Bengals fans already in a frenzy.
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    Thanks for uploading this. I missed the whole first half. How does YouTube let you keep this?
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    I've lost a couple accounts. I just keep making more. Maybe they're tired of banning me.

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