Video: Video: Garrett Press Conf Thursday

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Odd. At the end of the press conference, it looked like Garrett ducked down a trap door in the floor. I know he has a podium and steps, but he went straight down to his right.

    I guess he's getting good at avoiding people . . .
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    That frustrates me too.

    I think they need two miked podiums. One for Garrett and another for the reporters to ask their questions.
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    Yep, the Fan and the Ticket can get this right while the team itself never can. It's amazing and frustrating.
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    Yep..I think it is because Jerry is broke and cannot afford more than one mic.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Of course!

    Probably borrows one from the Mavs.
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    no recap? :(
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    Hey guys, how we doing. Hmmmmmm thats a good question, idont know that as a coach we taught you how to win, but thats his job personally to teach the players how to win and play the game. Have right guys on team, how you perservere and build on good things that happen. Probably different for every team, but certainly coach or leader has everything to do with it to build the team towards winning.

    Sometimes happens quicker, but you try to keep going forward, to put right combination of people whether thats the factor.

    You said it, last year was last yr, and yesterday was yesterday, control what you can control and have a good day today and tomorrow, but dont worry about yesterday or last week so doesnt prevent you from having trouble.

    I dont know authority is the word (lee question) but sean has been a very serious minded guy and he showed what he could do the other night, and come back next week and put it behind him. Just think he is a smart guy, watches tape, shows up and plays.

    You have to move on and go to next play, next series and next game, and i keep saying even if you have success, but you got to move on and go forward.

    I think its better to get off to a good start then a bad start. Idea situation you win every game right, which is unrealistic in the league, its a challenge, put last one to rest, good or bad and go to next game.

    Mentality of approach question, its our job to teach it, whatever sport, learn what happened good or bad and go forward. First play might be good or bad, go to next one.

    Newman or scandrick wont play question, jason says i think you have to have mentaility of next guy up and this game is about opportunity, adn you have to be prepared when you get it. We as coaches have to know our players when they get that opportunity and put players in position.

    Very aggressive guy, but we like him when he plays cb, wasnt natural when he played safety last yr, and tried to win a positon on this team, ball i think.

    I think you try to use evidence you have to figure out what he was doing, and figure out things he tries to do.

    Nagy question; it is day to day, and because its day to day we dont want to make decisions till later, he had neck issue, so we will take it day to day, but dont want to announce that now.

    We like dockery, and ongoing evaluation, and his overall play and figure out what works best for us.

    on confidence on our own guys question, it is a balance, towards a guy liek tedd ginn, and we think we have right kind of guys in our kicker, and our cover team, but be aggressive adn understand how good he is.

    You never want your players to miss practice and as a coach, pratice reps or so important, but positive thing dez has been working with romo all this time and we hope to get him out there this sunday.

    I like him alot, he is smart, make every throw, learning what they are trying to do on offense, adn off to a great start and he is a guy i admire a lot, the 49ers qb taken overall number 1

    again, my impression, they want to be a tough football team, and thats way they played at stanford, and play smart, so will be tough for us to play them.

    jason witten, romo, mcbrair, were some captains last week and we have some other players, and thats a reward you will see all year long for team captains

    i think hatch has played well as run defender and pass rusher, played well in preseason and regular season, adn we feel spears, coleman, have played well too with lisemore too.

    last question; alot of those big picture kind of decisions, like the 3 big things in each area, what is the player scheme, what do we have to do to win the game, then it goes down to being more specific.

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