Video: Drew Hensons week 2 passes NFLEL

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by theebs, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I think Aikman enjoyed the game but his personality of being a perfectionist came across as not enjoying himself. I took Troy as a person very focused on the business at hand and did it very well and the enjoyment came from winning.
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    Exactly. I think Tomsula, is trying get Henson to Smile more often, as he put it, instead of having the serious face. Even if he enjoys every bit of it,much like Aikman, to others it might seem as if he isn not having fun out there.

    But I did see him having fun, even in first game,when after game every one, went to sidelines and slapped hands with Fans. But you can see, that Henson is not an Out going type and very gaurded guy, which might seem to some like I said not a guy who has fun or maybe to some as Stand offish guy.
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    You guys are confusing windup and ball speed.
    2 different things.

    You're also not acknowledging that the majority of the throws were under 10 yards and to a wide open receiver over the middle or on the sideline.

    I'm not completely knocking him. I just don't think there's evidence of enough from that game to make a fair assesment of his full range of throwing abilities and I DID see a telegraphable windup.

    Other than that, he made good reads and throws.
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    I'd like to see Henson make some more big plays. (ie-deep ball).

    But he's accurate and decisive. Looks pretty good. I expect big things!
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    I know what you mean by "wind up". He definitely has a "baseball motion". I don't think that will ever change. It is engrained in him after all those years growing up as a kid and playing baseball and football all year.

    BUT, to me a big point is that even though he does "wind up" on some of his throws, if you notice he has a very quick release, when he decides where he wants the ball to go.

    I believe Henson can be a good QB if he continues to progress with his reads and picks things up on the field at a faster pace. He showed last week that there is at least hope that he can do that.

    To me, the comparisons made by our scout way back when, saying Henson was an "Aikman clone" were not fair.

    Henson's style of play, his throwing motion, movement, etc. are nothing like Aikman. Henson will never be the classic motion passer like Brady or Aikman, but he has a very good arm and at times he throws some strikes that make you say..."That was a big-league throw"!

    I believe Bill's comparison to Hostetler is closer to the type of player Henson can become, but I believe Henson has a better arm and more natural athletic ability than Hostetler. Hos sat the bench for 7 years before he played, but he does have a SB Ring.
  6. Qwickdraw

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    I hear ya Capn.
    But that was back when QBs could sit that long before playing.:( :D

    I'm not saying he doesn't have the ability or even anything close to that.
    I was saying that that one video clip doesn't show me much in terms of his ability to play the Pro game effectively. Maybe he can... I just need more of a variety of throws to critique before I can draw my own conclusion.
  7. RCowboyFan

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    I don't know but since I saw the game, I saw the video clip again, no where did I see wind up action, that in terms of NFL would be a issue. And I fail to see Baseball action, perhaps because maybe I don't know baseball.

    But his action is something I see in more than half of NFL QBs today. What I did notice is, that he has considerably shortened the length in his step, where in he seems little bit quicker in setup and throwing thereby. All in all, all I could see was pretty good setup and quick release, however much I wanted to see where he seemed slow. Maybe one or two throws he was that, but thats pretty much any QB will do that.

    Having said that, I doubt his fundamentals are that much question, vs can he translate good play in NFLE, if he continues to do so rest of the way into NFL.? That perhaps only will be answered in time. Heck if Phillip Rivers with his funkiest delivery can be thought of to possibly have a good career, I don't even see remotely the same funky delivery in Henson.

    In My opinion, I think we tend to see what we want to see sometimes, your case or mine I Guess. Maybe I choosing to ignore the machanical flaws, but I just don't see anything glaring that needs correcting at all. Even when camera had angles from behind, it seemed pretty normal delivery for most part. Oh well, it must be me then.
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    I think that says it perfectly. Some are rooting for him, some seem to be rooting for him to fail (which makes no sense).

    It is difficult to tell from a few outings. Heck, the Cowboys were going to cut Romo a few years ago and now everyone on here acts like he's the next coming. Maybe he is, that would be awesome, I don't care which one, but everyone HAS to calm down. It's like watching 10 minutes of clips makes us an expert.

    I'd say its a more promising showing than last week (which sucked) and I'd expect that it will take a few games more until the offense is as clicking as good as it can be in a short season AND the defenses as well, so better competition.

    The only thing that stands out so far to me is that he does get rid of it quickly, which is good. I assume that's what Jerry meant by he makes really good decisions with the ball. My guess (or hope) is that over time you will see more long passes, but what would everyone be saying if he were firing 20 yard passes every play, but only completing like 40% of his throws. I think the most telling stat here is yards per completion. (not attempt). The reason I say this is, even if he is dinking if the YPC are high that means he's more than likely getting the ball to the guys in such a manner that they aren't breaking stride or he's setting them up to get some YAC. That's a very west coast thing obviously, but Michael Irvin only comes along once in a while, I think he was the true key to making that offense work like it did.

    Anyway, thanks for the vid Theebs, and its good to see that on this forum people are trying to have intelligent football conversations. Keep it up everyone. Washington Sucks.
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    I keep hearing about his great footwork - I think that is getting confused with pocket presence.

    I'm not a big fan of his footwork in that it doesn't seem as decisive enough, which leads me to his posture. Does it seem to everyone else that he slightly slouches or something? I want to throw a broom handle down the back of his shirt to get him to stand up straight.

    It would really improve his release time (not that it is slow or anything). Just an observation - it doesn't seem to be hindering him too much.
  10. Qwickdraw

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    If anyone is interpereting my concern on his playing ability with a desire to see him fail then that is just plain sad.

    Why on Earth would any Cowboys fan not want to find the next great Dallas QB already on the roster?
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    Just wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed the video.
  12. RCowboyFan

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    Now thats the part I agree with. Although if you remember last couple years, he had more pronounced slouch or Crouch more like. He almost made himself small.

    There was an article, which I didn't read, but someone else stated here, that it said that, they shortened his steps, which was the main cause of his Crouching motion.

    I disagree it would improve his release time, but I guess what do I know, although I think it would help him have a higher release point. But as Madden pointed out several times in his commentary, its a misnomer that QBs throw over the OL. They always throw in lanes, so Hieght in many ways is bit overrated or incorrect assumption that higher release point, lesser the chance of batted throws etc.
  13. RCowboyFan

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    No, I doubt if anyone thought so, at least not me. Hey, legitmate critisizm doesn't mean you hate a player. Plus its your opinion, nothing wrong with that.
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    Because lots of so called Cowboys fan would rather be right. It's sad but true.
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    Having this video has been great for stimulating a level of debate that is much more sophisticated than it would be if people just relied on vague notions or media reports. Thanks for creating the video! Terrific resource.
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    Are the Berlin defensive linemen even trying to rush him? They pressured him twice in that entire clip.
  17. DallasDomination

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    He did alright in this game I'll give him that. That scramble TD pass he threw was pretty nice.
  18. CaptainAmerica

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    I've always noticed his "posture" in the pocket. That's a part about him I've always wished they would work on.

    Phil Simms talks a lot about the great QBs "playing tall in the pocket". Watch Brady and Peyton Manning and you'll see exactly what he's talking about.

    I mentioned his "posture", (if that's what you want to call it), on this forum last year and someone even came up with a sig of Henson and called it "Crouching Henson, Hidden talent" or something like that. :D
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    Wow, nice video.

    I'm very pleased with Drew Henson's play this time around.
  20. Juke99

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    Theebs did a great job with the clips.

    And yep, I agree about Henson.

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