Video: Dukes vs Doug Free: The Video Evidence

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 11, 2010.

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    I dont care if he doesnt like Free, he doesnt need to be made fun of for that. But being misinformed about the Minny game is lazy
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    Yeh I have been following his twits to see if he responds to your twit to him. He ignores them for a while and then he responds. Drum roll please..........


    Way to go Jamie, way to go!
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    I just wanted to say thanks to DCfanatic for taking the time to do the research...

    Jamie Dukes is a blow hard who loves to give unfounded opinions about whatever he feels like saying at the moment.

    Although I also knew Free wasn't that bad in the Vikings game last year, all of the negative talk among even our fans was starting to make me question my own eyes!

    Free did a very solid job being that he was pushed into the starting role unexpectedly against one of the premier rushers in the league. With Free's athleticism and more time at left tackle as the starter this year, i expect him to do very well for us!
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    Dukes doesn't care how Doug Free plays. I bet he comes to CZ, and sites like it, to find out what Cowboy fans are gripping about most and then uses one side or another of the *****-pancake to make an issue out of so that people will watch and talk about his segments. He doesn't want to be right, and he doesn't need to be all that informed. He just needs to be controversial.

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