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    I have uploaded the Redskins game for what it is worth.

    Now or a little history. All videos are either interviews or documentaries approximately 2-9 mins long.

    Coaches Page:

    Tom Landry Video

    Jimmy Johnson
    1. 1990 Coach of the Year
    2. Johnson's Sliding Scale
    3. Speed and Quickness
    4. Motivation
    5. Killer Instinct
    6. The Musing

    The Players Page:

    1. Tony Dorsett The Hawk
    2. Too Tall and Too Mean
    3. Charles Haley
    4. Alvin Harper
    5. Jay Novacek
    6. Hollywood Henderson
    7. Troy Aikman Page:

    with these videos

    1. The Focus of a Leader
    2. The Autograph
    3. Big Night after the Game
    4. Comeback against the Broncos
    5. Crowing Super Bowl Moment
    6. The addition of Steve Walsh
    7. Worst Loss as a Rookie

    Michael Irvin Page:

    1. First Super Bowl Catch
    2. I'll Get It, Desire for the Ball
    3. Return after Contract Holdout
    4. The Playmaker The Origin of the Nickname
    5. You Want to play with Michael Irvin

    I will be adding about 20 more videos in the next few days. I will also be adding the 2006 Wild Card Game.


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