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Video: Miles Austin plays Word Association

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. dcfanatic

    dcfanatic Benched

    10,408 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    It sounds like Miles Austin isn't all that tech savvy and I wonder if the kid even has laptop, lol.

    Perez Hilton - Weirdo! IPad, lol. The Jersey Shore fist pump, lmao!

    At the 1:26 mark pause it.

    Is that Romo in the background? Gotta be right. Hat backwards and looks like he has a decent golf swing.
  2. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    Nah, Romo's swing is a lot better than that.
  3. Jon88

    Jon88 Benched

    7,665 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Jerry takes care of his players. Austin knows this.

    Great Dallas Cowboy.
  4. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

    19,974 Messages
    8,728 Likes Received
    The fat bald guy? I don't think so. :lmao2:
  5. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

    7,661 Messages
    367 Likes Received

    White polo, navy blue backwards hat. Built like Romo.

    I'd bet that is him.
  6. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

    19,974 Messages
    8,728 Likes Received
    CL was right. No way that's him. Romo is a scratch golfer with a pro-caliber swing (he was driving over 300 yards in his last tournament). That guys swing is worse than mine.

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