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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Playbook and TA talking Cowboys

    Here's some Playbook on the Cowboys and a report from Valley Ranch...


    If both Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier are able to play against the Bears this offense should be able to put up 24 points.
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    Did Wade seriously say, "We had five drives of at least 7 plays"?

    I gotta give it to him. His glass is always half full.
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    It's also funny how he contradicts himself. I think in his presser he had the other day he talked about how the penalties hurt them. And then last year I remember a video or two of him talking about how the penalties don't matter because Team X is the most penalized and did this or that.

    He contradicts himself quite a bit. I think one thing that irritates me the most is when the refs flag one of our guys for something that I look at and see as a blatant foul, Wade starts yelling at the refs like it wasn't. He's so afraid of calling out his own players.
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    It is obvious that Wade has a coaching philosophy that involves lieing to the press. He has alluding to lieing to the press on several occasions.

    Wade is not going to shoot straight with the media or with fans. He is going to protect his players and coaches. That's his philosophy for better or for worse.
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    Did this guy just spell lying with an 'ie'?

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    good stuff as always dc, you know im in your corner when i can

    our coaching staff had better be prepared for this game, if the lions took the bears to a close game, what do u think the bears can do to us, if were not prepared with coaching challenges

    wade and jason must be alert and houck must get barron ready and up to par

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