Video: Video: Romo and Ware Postgame after Saints win

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Put these two vids back online because I checked them out today and there are very telling comments by both players...

    Romo Postgame ---


    Ware Postgame ---


    Both of these guys are going to have to play well tomorrow against the Texans. They are the keys to their respective units and Super Star players must show up big in games like this which can turn a season around.

    I think you will notice how they talk about the fast starts at the beginning of the game and then right after halftime. You go into the other teams house and you TAKE the life out of the them and their crowd by coming out on defense and sending them back to the sidelines after a three and out. On the offensive side you come and put up seven points and let them know you are on your game.

    I am not one for looking to the past to help save the future. As a matter of fact I really hate that we even have to get into this type of 'we were backed up then and came out fighting' mantra at all. I would much rather these guys just show up every week and take advantage of the great job everyone in the organization has done in putting together a team with enough talent that people are talking about the as potential champs.

    But it is what it is.

    They have experience in going into an opponents hostile environment and walking away with a heralded victory. I hope they take whatever they can from this performance last December and put it to use tomorrow.

    I have faith in the leaders of this team.

    Cowboys 30, Texans 21.
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    I was so excited when they won that game that I was jumping around like a crazy person!!! I watched the game with my dad! :laugh2: Nick Folk nearly gave me a heart attack when he missed the FG. Then, DeMarcus came through!! And with an injured neck! I was convinced he was a Super Hero!

    I am praying the Cowboys dig down deep and find that fire again! :pray: We need this one! GO COWBOYS!! :starspin
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    Man what I'm seen this year from you guys Ware has been playing extremely well and this weekend should be the same from him. I'm not a cowboy fan but I do respect Ware and his talent; in my opinion he is the best
    LB in da game
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    look at the disdain on Marshall Faulk's face :laugh1:

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