Video - TC Report w/ Babe Laufenberg

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by CowboyPrincess, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Don't know if these have been posted or not, but just in case... thought someone might like them

    They haven't posted tonights yet... Troy was the guest and it was a really good segment... probably be available tomorrow.

    I haven't tried to post links before, so they may just show up as URL's you'll need to copy and paste into web browser

    Hope this link works... It's the TC Report w/ Babe on CBS 11 News - Saturday

    Bonus Video - Babes report the day QC was released and the reactions

    Just in case....If these links doesn't work, they can be found at under CBS 11 Video section
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    Sweet! Good vids.
  3. Cowgal

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    Thanks! Being in California I miss seeing the Cowboys on the Sports report.
  4. CowboyJunkie

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    Thanks for the links. I'm greatful for any Boys stuff I can get out here in Vegas.
  5. DLK150

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    Thanks much, CowboysPrincess...At least one fan from Indiana salutes you!

    Might have to check out that Olay product, as well. Might be a little messy in the beard, though.:)
  6. TruBlueCowboy

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    Thanks for the video CPrincess. Good stuff. :cool:

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