VIDEO: Tony Romo - The Story by TEK2000

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by TEK2000, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Seven

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    WOW!!! Dude, you got game.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Ever consider giving some form of web based training? You're good, you.
  2. Hostile

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    I honestly wasn't trying to knock anyone else. If I tried to do any of this stuff you guys would really have something to mock, and I would deserve it.

    I was simply making on observation about why people are so blown away. You name the video that has been done that I have not loved and I'd be shocked if I criticized anyone for the job they did.

    Honestly, the thought never entered my mind.
  3. Sam I Am

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    LIAR! ;)
  4. Hostile

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    Tattle tale.

    Two can play that game.
  5. TEK2000

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    Alright Adam, thanks for the info. I'll definitely look into that.
  6. 5Stars

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    TEK2000, get off the computer and get your butt to work on another video! Hurry up...stop wasting time on this forum!!

  7. TEK2000

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    I don't know about web based training other than putting together some tutorials on how to use the software and stuff, but I'd be more than happy to help anyone that is interested in learning.

    I'll answer any questions that I know the answer to, if not, I'll definitely try to find out. :)
  8. the kid 05

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    tek man! awesome! i loved it all, the music, the clips were cut good. I loved the effect on the pass to witten that set up the game winning field goal, at least to me i saw a like ripple or burst.
  9. TEK2000

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    LOL, there were like 3 or 4 different effects that I put on that split second.
    Increased the color levels.
    Created a slight white glow.
    Magnified Witten just a little bit.
  10. Signals

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    Man-o-man, I just down loaded this vid for my 70 year old Mother and she was just delighted at how great TEK edited this work of art.

    She picked up on all the nuance with out me having to point them out.

    Of course she has had to survive my brother and I during football season for years gone by, so she is used to being forced to focus on the Dallas Cowboys. :D

    The Cowboys 2007
  11. AdamJT13

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    If you right-click on the link in Firefox, the option you get is "Save link as," which normally works for saving the target file but doesn't work for links on that page. (Maybe it does for you, but it doesn't seem to work for most of us.) In IE, the "Save target as" option works.
  12. xpistofer

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    Probably other posts dealing with this, so forgive me if I missed an appropriate one, but I just thought this deserved its own thread:

    T2 - that Romo video was a masterpiece. Absolutely the best football video I have ever seen. I just wanted to say thanks...the music...the highlight selection...the commentary...just great.

    Well done (or medium rare, if ya like it like that.)
  13. TEK2000

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  14. Clove

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    I'll respond again also. Great work, keep em coming.
  15. arglebargle

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    WooHoo! That was certainly worth the wait! Thanks for the help getting it downloaded. Very nice overall design there Tek.
  16. Cochese

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    Wow, awesome video. I had totally forgotten how much Bledsoe was killing us in the early part of last season.

    You could have made an entire highlight reel out of THAT pass to Witten against the Giants.
  17. TheOneROWilliE

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    i downloaded it but i can only watch like 50 sec
  18. TEK2000

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    Did you try re-downloading it? Are you sure you got the full file downloaded? Full filesize is like 104MB's.
  19. phildominator

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    Tek, that video is simply NFL Films caliber.

    Made me swell up with so much passion and hope that Romo will take us back to the promised land.

    Thank you.
  20. HowBoutThemCowboys

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    Got goosebumps watching that! Fantastic job! :bow:

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