Video: Why do the Cowboys have so much trouble with twists and stunts?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Broaddus stated that Brewster was fine overall and didn't embarrass himself last night.
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    There is no way Davis could pick that guy up. He doesn't even come through Davis's gap.

    He is supposed to take Brewster's man so Brewster can pick that guy up.
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    I think if it's the regular season, Witten releases much sooner and it's a 20-yard gain. But with the injuries to the line, and with us expecting a blitz in that situation, Witten was thinking about pass protection.
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    How can I put this delicately???

    Davis does not have the greatest awareness in the league, he is easily confused or he makes slow decisions when it comes to anything other than blocking the guy in front of him.

    When you play teams that like to twist and stunt, like the Chargers and Ravens do, you have to be aware of passing guys off and picking up different guys very quickly. If all of your o-line is on the same page and the guard passes his go off to the tackle and vice versa, you can block it up and get some big gainers.

    However, if just 1 of your lineman gets confused.......well it usually ends very badly with either a sack or pick. Go watch the Ravens sometime and you will see what I mean, they use stunts and twist more than anybody.
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    Davis' poor awareness combined with Gurode's inability to line up his mates, spells disaster.
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    As under-impressed as I am with Holland...I might agree w/this. It deserves consideration, anyway.

    Davis is a big tease as a player because he can be so dominant at times. But his whiffs blow up a lot of plays.

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