Vivid new Battle of the Bulge photos

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    Outsanding pics.....Thanks.
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    Very cool.
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    :cool: Thanks :bow:
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    Great pics! Thanks!

    Battle of the Bulge had some astonishing events and heroics.

    An American engineering company was involved in a race to block a Panzer Advance Column intent on capturing a major fuel depot. The engineers managed to blow every river bridge that would carry the invading tanks, sometimes within sight of the advancing panzers.

    The Brits organized a group of volunteer glider pilots to fly supplies into Bastogne during the worst of the fighting. Visibility was 30 feet in heavy snow at the time. The mission was considered so risky that no co-pilots were sent. The gliders managed to land on an open field on the outskirts of Bastogne, right between the German and American lines. The besieged troops had to sortie out to seize the food and munitions.

    The more you study it, the more of these things you find.
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    Looks like Captain Nixon had things under control.

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    Great photos. Alot of brave men fought in that war. Amazing to think what that advent of the wart hog plane and Apache helicopter have done to neutralize tanks in modern war fare.
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    Simply stunning.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

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