Von Miller, best athlete in the draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Mar 6, 2011.

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    No, there is no way to label "best player" at this point. I was just pointing out that even if you can make a reasonable estimation of best "athlete" it doesn't necessarily mean that guy will be as good a football player as some that are lesser athletes.
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    I said I agree! :laugh2:

    I should have used a period instead of a comma, they were two different thoughts.
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    ok sure will
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    no, he isn't.

    martez wilson ran faster and was heavier at the same position.

    miller is a heck of an athlete but he wasn't in the top 5 speed/size guys at the combine.

    i would like him but i am not sure he is a fit in a 3-4. he really is a 4-3 OLB. i see Derrick Brooks in him.

    demarcus ware was a similar athlete. ware was 5 pounds heavier and ran .03 slower. so the athleticism for miller may not have topped the combine charts but was outstanding.

    patrick peterson was worlds away more athletic, but raw athleticism is not what determines who is the best football player.

    i'd prefer other guys because i have scheme concerns since we already have ware but miller should be a heck of a ball player for someone.
  5. TheCount

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    Wilson's a pretty good athlete in his own right, but Miller killed him in agility drill results.
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    Really? I see him as almost the polar opposite, Derrick Thomas. Brooks was a pure 4-3 OLB. Thomas was a pass rushing fiend and a 3-4 OLB. Miller may have some of both of them one day.
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    I just watched that video of Miller when ATM played Texas. Considering how far down the depth chart the starting TE's of Texas were when they got to this game, I expected a dominating performance. I saw a lot of a step late, misdiagnosed plays. His reputation of being pretty poor against the run is earned and I don't see enough where I think, "Wow, what a player! I gotta see more on this guy he reminds me of Ware!"

    If we're spending the #9 pick, I want a player that jumps off the screen at me as being ready day 1 to start, not a guy who looks lost on college level running plays.

    Color me moderately unimpressed at this point.
  8. tyke1doe

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    I'd rather have Patrick Peterson over Von Miller. Cornerbacks are more valueable, IMO. And Peterson is a very good one who can sub as a punt returner.

    Having said that, there's a better chance that Miller falls to the Cowboys than PP.
  9. TheCount

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    True, you gotta factor in Peterson's special teams play.

    I actually think it's the other way around, more chances Peterson falls than Miller.

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