Wade > RRyan > Kiffin?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by T-RO, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. cheftjpeck

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    I just personally believe that Kiffin and Marinelli are a better fit for our current team. Not taking anything away from Ryan or Wade at all. There seems to be more hustle to the ball.., less pre snap confusion on our end. I think that maybe with the fundamentals being drilled in our team just appears better prepared so far ...the season is young though .. Players appear to be playing to their strengths in current scheme whereas in Ryan's scheme it just didn't look that way at times... Injuries aside I think we will be a more consistent defense under current scheme
  2. waving monkey

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    if your a fan of history you have already read the history books move on .
    there is only today yesterday has passed and tomorrow has not arrived
  3. stasheroo

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    History and statistics clearly show Rob Ryan to be a mediocre at best defensive coordinator. As for Lee and Carter? I'd give Eberflus as much if not more credit than Ryan, and he's still here.

    While I am certainly surprised at how well the Saints undermanned defense is playing thus far, there's still a lot of season left to be played.
  4. TheRomoSexual

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    Interesting how you don't list turnovers, the one stats I am far and away most interested in.
  5. Crown Royal

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    All three are very capable defensive coordinators. With our current players, skillsets and strengths, I prefer the Kiffin Marinelli scheme, that is less about about strategic and tactical dominance and more about technical and executing excellence.
  6. visionary

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    i like ryan the least of this bunch as i think he was more flash than substance and am happy he is gone
    ryan has never had a top 10 defense

    much more difficult to pick between wade (as DC) and kiffin/marinelli.
    i think both are very very good DCs

    what i like best about our defense this year is that they dont appear confused and seem to know what to do and where they need to be
    also, that defense has been playing well despite losing 2 key people in spencer and Rat

    kudos so far
  7. Yakuza Rich

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    Wade is a great X's and O's guy and a good gameplanner. It's really him and Dick Lebeau that deserve credit for the modern 3-4 scheme. I like Rob Ryan, but I don't think he's in the same league as Kiffin or Wade and he tends to throw teams off in the first half of the season and then teams start to catch up to him and figure out where the holes are in his defense.

    Rob is more boom-or-bust to me. If I needed a guy to do it with limited players and throw a gem of a gameplan against a great QB...he's my guy. But if I needed consistency throughout the season and needed to guarantee to shut down an average QB, I would look elsewhere.

    And the defense played great except for the Giants game where they force a ton of turnovers and Eli just has a thing for playing us, particularly in Dallas. If the defense keeps playing like it did against the Rams, I'll take Kiffin every day.

  8. WV Cowboy

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    They are all three good DC's, but Kiffen has seemed to have made an immediate impact, ... hope it just keeps getting better as the players get used to him and his scheme.

    But it's not about the X's and O's, .. it's about the John's and the Joe's.

    You have to have good players!
  9. StarBoyz83

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    I do like this defense better and I think it is the best fit for our players. But I noticed as of right now its not better than ryans but it will be.
  10. Everlastingxxx

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    I like the thread but it's too soon and the timing is bad because the Cowboys are coming off their best defensive game in years.

    Ryan was the scapegoat used for last years failures. I also think his personality was too strong for Jerry.

    Kiffen has done a good job up to this point. Most new Cowboy defensive coordinators do well their first year. Time will tell.
  11. EGG

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    Both Wade and Ryan suffered from less than ideal situations in Dallas IMO and can be excellent coaches given the right situation. Wade is a better DC than HC and Ryan's defenses are great when you've got a lead and the other team is one dimensional.
  12. whynot

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    I thought Ryan did a good job all things considered and was very surprised when he was fired. That said though, the LAST thing this team really needed was another huge personality, and that's what RR was.

    Most people thought that if Rob had any success he'd be picked up as a head coach, so his stay would only be temporary and that's still possible.

    I like the simplicity and tenacity that Kiffin has installed, I'm very happy with the current situation.
  13. iceman117

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    good point, but the right move was made to move on. it looks like for him as well.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Wade is a great DC and always had been.

    Ryan has always been overrated in my book. Same as his brother. Maybe it's the last name.

    Kiffin and Marinelli are exactly what I thought they would be. I just wished we could have gone in their direction and just skipped the Ryan era.
  15. bark

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    Way to early to accurately assess how this will play out. I'm really liking the way our players are flying around the field right now though.
    I was never comfortable with Ryan representing the star. I've had enough boorish behavior from our owner to last me a lifetime, having Buddy Ryan's big vulgar mouthed offspring on the sideline was just downright offensive at times.
  16. Future

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    Seriously, though I think the quality of their offenses have all been pretty comparable.

    Saints - Atlanta, Tampa, and Arizona
    Texans - San Diego, Tenn, Balt
    Dallas - NYG, KC, STL
  17. Doomsday101

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    I think each man brought something to the table. Under Wade this team put up some good sack numbers, Under Ryan I do think some guys learned to play with some attitude and my hope with Kiffin is this unit learns how to attack the ball and force turnovers not just wait for turnovers to happen.
  18. jnday

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    Good players are the key. I think Kiffin has been helped by getting players that are a perfect fit for his defense with the exception of the CBs. Ware and Hatcher should have been in a 4-3 defense for years. Alotta years have been wasted with Ware in coverage.
  19. erod

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    It's so nice not having a DC that spends every waking moment auditioning for a head-coaching position he thinks he's entitled to.

    Wade is a fine DC. Just an abomination of a head coach. Best description of him I've heard...he looks like a guy at the airport staring at the arrival/departure screen.
  20. T-RO

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    Zimmer was another good one.

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