Walter Football 3 round mock, you are gonna hate this

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 5, 2013.

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    [​IMG]Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU [​IMG]
    I have no idea what the Cowboys were thinking when they passed on Sharrif Floyd at No. 18 overall. Moving down and then selecting a third-round center made it clearer than ever that they need a real general manager. In the meantime, Jerry Jones will continue to run the team into the ground.

    Perhaps Jones will suddenly realize that Dallas has a glaring need on the interior of its defensive front. Anthony Johnson would be a nice fit as Monte Kiffin's three-technique - just as Floyd would have been.

    [​IMG]Dallas Cowboys: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State [​IMG]
    The Cowboys need to think about bringing in someone to challenge Morris Claiborne, who has been in and out of the starting lineup because of performance issues.

    [​IMG]Dallas Cowboys: Zack Martin, G/OT, Notre Dame [​IMG]
    The Cowboys are so desperate at guard that they lured Brian Waters out of semi-retirement. Waters is now out for the year. So much for that.
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    Anthony Johnson will not be the pick and the guy needs to get over the Floyd pick. Looks like we actually won in that trade.
    Johnson was on the LSU list of players with Sam Montgomery, which put Montgomery on the do not draft list. I think Johnson will be on that list also.
    Now I do think we draft DT but I hope its Jernigan, Hageman, Aaron Donald, Easily or Tuitt. That class is deep and we might be able to get two in this draft.

    As for round two, spending a second round pick on a player just to push someone is stupid. 2nd round we need a starter. We need a OG FS, OLB, or Dline. Another CB would be a waste IMO. Only way I would like the Gilbert pick is to switch him to FS, he does have the size.

    3rd round, I would love that pick. We need a day one starting RG.

    People need to watch for Dion Bailey from USC. Kiffin loved this kid when he was there. Ha him playing WOLB. He is 210 pounds now but can add an extra 10 pounds which i perfect size for WOLB or could also play FS. I think the real problam with Carter in this ssytem is his size. 245 pounds is to big to play WOLB in the Tampa 2. Carter needs to lose 10 pounds and/or move to SOLB.

    I would love to get a DE in this draft but I don't see a difference maker DE in this draft that will be there when we pick.
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    If I could redraft off this I would trade back with the Browns to 26 and pick up their 3rd.
    1st Stephen Tuitt can play 1 and 3 tech DT and DE
    2nd Gabe Jackson starting RG day one
    3rd Aaron Donald can be depth at 3 tech DT and develop to replace Hatch
    3rd Dion Bailey can add weight and be a WOLB that knows Kiffin tampa 2 already or can be depth for this year at FS and can compete with Church.
    I would love to get a RB, Melvin Gordon is my favorite but I would rather have the above over a RB.
    If we draft Bailey to be WOLB then I would love to get Terrence Brooks FS from FSU in the 4th. If we draft Bailey to be a FS then I would look at Jon Brown from Illinois for WOLB in the 4th.
    5th round RB Antonio Andrews WKU sleeper
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    well I would not hate I think those are positions of need - plus who ever runs that site always has had it in for theoys

    they might not be m\y choices

    but what we need

    altho I think I put fs in the top three IMO I am so tired of Church
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    We dont need a second round corner.
  6. ninja

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    From what I have seen of Claiborne so far, I would be on board drafting a CB in either the 1st or 2nd depending on who was there. If a top CB fell to us, I say go for it. I also wouldn't mind trading Claiborne for a 2nd rd pick, assuming I could even get a 2nd for him, based on what I have seen so far. We NEED another CB. We may not want one but we need one.
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    Talk about tone-deaf.
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    That little splurge about DT has been on there for months, they change up the name, but the reterick remains the same. I was pretty bullish on Johnson early but he has regressed this year - and yes, he was on the list of players LSU hung in the window as scouts came to the school. Watched Jernigan last weekend - was not impressed, so I do like Hageman from Minnisota. No to a corner in Round 2 - OG, or DE/Safety.
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    Anthony Johnson - DL - Tigers
    Draft insider Tony Pauline is hearing LSU junior DT Anthony Johnson will probably delcare for May's NFL Draft.

    Johnson is "slightly undersized but explosive," Pauline says, adding the defensive tackle has struggled with his consistency. "He really hasn't put it together like I thought he could have this year." If you're keeping track, Pauline believes Johnson's defensive tackle teammate, Ego Ferguson, will also declare.

    Source: TFY Draft Insider
    Nov 6 - 11:32 AM

    Ego Ferguson - DL - Tigers
    LSU redshirt junior DT Ego Ferguson will likely declare for the NFL following this season, according to draft insider Tony Pauline.

    "He is sort of a (Michael) Brockers type player," Pauline said on his podcast. "A good sized athlete who can control gaps and control blockers, but also has enough movement skills to make plays behind the line." LSU defensive linemen have been historically misused in college, but have made a jump in their game in the NFL.

    Source: TFY Draft Insider
    Nov 6 - 11:12 AM
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    second rounds just for TEs!!!!!!:D
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    Walter FB is great for providing a ton of information, but their mock draft rationale is pretty poor.
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    He hates the Cowboys. His Cowboys picks are usually players that he wants them to take because he thinks it will be a bad pick for the team.

    For years he had a section devoted to making fun of Emmitt's attempted media career. He was really obsessed with it.
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    I don't see Beasley as a top-10 pick at all. I think he's pretty tiny for a DE.

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