Wannstedt to resign

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Roughneck, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Roughneck

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    560 WQAM’s Hank Goldberg is reporting that Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dave Dave Wannstedt will resign. The report comes from an undisclosed source.

    Hank also reports that Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates will take over as Head Coach for the remainder of the season, his only other professional stint as a Head Coach was with the San Antonio Gunslingers of the USFL. More details to follow.

  2. Danny White

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    Enter Steve Spurrier.
  3. CowboyChris

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    keep him away from here!! hopefully Norv Turner picks him up in Oaktown.
  4. SuspectCorner

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    coach dave is diving at the gun just to beat huizenga to the trigger. he'd rather shoot himself than suffer the indignity of being shot by another. poor wanny. rickey did him and the team dirty.
  5. Midswat

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    Wow . . . thats interesting.

    And I wouldn't mind him coming here to coach our defense.
  6. LaTunaNostra

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    I can't believe it, Danny! LOL!

    Huizinga and Spielman must have more sense than that!
  7. Bluefin

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    That would be a possibility I'd like to see as well.

    Something new on defense without having to completely revamp the entire scheme.

    But Zim seems to be one of Big Bill's boys, will he replace him or just order him to make some changes?
  8. Dale

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    It'll be intereting to see how Bates does in his interim role. Was he ever considered for the head coach position when Campo was hired, or was it initially narrowed down to Campo, Avezzano and Houck? Can't recall if Bates had already left for Miami or not.
  9. Hostile

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    Me too. I don't think it happens though. I figure he'll take the rest of the year off.
  10. jacs

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    that would be great but didnt Zommer get like a 4 year deal worth a s***load of money?
  11. Midswat

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    Zim got a 2 year deal I think.

    I'd be willing to chip in and cover the bill to get him outta here.
  12. numnuts23

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    I'm right with you on this one.
  13. DLK150

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    It's too bad DW's head coaching career hasn't panned out so far. I always liked him as a coach, and you can list me as another who wouldn't mind seeing him back here working with our defense.

    Remember when they announced him taking the Bears job during the postgame interviews after Super Bowl 27? I didn't want to lose him then after finally getting back on top, but I was happy for him.
  14. Fletch

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    Gonna have to start my own movement if I keep hearing you guys saying you want Wandstedt to come back to Dallas. Sorry, no need for an idiot coach like Dave. He made a name for himself back in the early 90's, but we had great talent too.

    (N)O (D)AVE (I)N (D)ALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N.D.I.D! :p

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