Ware anxious, but isn't it too early for that?By JENNIFER FLOYD ENGEL

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    Ware anxious, but isn't it too early for that?

    [size=-1]By JENNIFER FLOYD ENGEL[/size]
    [size=-1]Star-Telegram Staff Writer[/size]

    SAN JOSE, Calif. - Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware has a smile usually seen only in toothpaste commercials.

    Big, bright and almost always flashing.

    But every inch of it disappeared Wednesday when he was asked: What is it like to be DeMarcus Ware nowadays?

    "There is always pressure," Ware said. "Always."

    There is pressure to pressure the quarterback, pressure to get sacks, pressure to learn the art of covering the slot receiver, pressure to live up to the expectations that come with being the No. 11 pick in the draft and pressure to start playing like he expects himself to play.

    Yes, there is mostly the pressure of his expectations.

    "I put so much on myself," Ware admitted. "I have a thousand things going through my mind and you don't want to let anybody down. ... Sometimes, you get frustrated out there because you are not being as productive as you usually are or as you think you should be."

    He used the word "you" but meant "I."

    Ware is somewhat frustrated that he has not been everything everybody wants him to be instantaneously. And doesn't seem to realize what a crazy expectation that is, especially for a player whose name has been linked to Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor since Cowboys coach Bill Parcells compared them in the off-season.

    Ware looks at his sack, his two tackles for losses and his eight tackles, and -- never mind that he is only three games into his NFL career -- he feels like he is failing.

    It does not help that every time Parcells is asked about Ware, the first things out of his mouth are what the player is doing wrong. He believes the player is thinking too much and, as a result, has not had as big of an impact as people hoped.

    "I just try to give him what he needs to know and not overload him, but it's a process," Parcells said. "That's all I can tell you. It's a process."

    Ware is learning, too. Every game he gets better.

    What the Cowboys are starting to see is Ware is having an impact by simply being on the field. Anybody who watched their Monday night preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks saw what Ware can do. In one half, he forced two fumbles, recovered one, and had an interception, a sack and three tackles.

    No team has been that stupid in the regular season and that, combined with normal rookie growing pains, has led to Ware having statistics that do no quite live up to the hype.

    "I am not in the least concerned," Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones said. "As a matter of fact, I'm buoyed by his prospects because of what we are seeing in the things that are important. As [ABC analyst John] Madden says, 'He just keeps coming.'"

    Ware's "motor," as Jones called it, has always been his strength. He does not give up -- not because of a bad play, not because he is frustrated and certainly not because of a little pressure.

    What he does is try harder.

    That is what led to his first NFL sack Sunday against San Francisco, a day he hopes was a breakout game.

    "The egg is finally broken," Ware said. "Now, it's all about scrambling them up and eating them."
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    WARE is going to be awesome! He has it all.....great attitude, athletic ability, speed, smarts, although, he may need a "little" more strength......I do not believe he is weak....but Dallas strength coaches will make this guy better also!
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    Maybe Ware would be playing better if Parcells wasn't overcoaching him and other players.........same with Julius - some guys do what they do and do it well in their own way - perfect example is Deion. Deion never played with textbook technique and he was one of the best in the business. Maybe it would've been a better idea to let Ware play hands down on just passing plays so that he could develop his rush skills first with Burnett manning the LB spot and then gradually bringing Ware in the OLB spot. Just a thought.
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    What the Cowboys are starting to see is Ware is having an impact by simply being on the field.

    What I've noticed is that Ware is commanding double teams which is freeing up guys like Ellis and Glover with single teams. Against San Francisco Ellis got to the quarterback when it counted. That's what used to be so great about Haley, not his sack total but when he got them. He used to set up his man for three quarters and than in the fourth when they were driving towards a go ahead score he would change up his pass rush and sack the quarterback.
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    People need to realize he isnt just making a move from a small college program to a NFL team but also he has to learn a new postion. He will be awesome but maybe that wont happen until next year.
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    I know Parcells is a great coach, and I don't know what he is saying to Ware off the field, but I would hope he would give the kid some encouragement. I know BPs' hard core coaching strategy has worked on countless players, but when Ware had that phenomenal game at Seattle, all Parcells could talk about were De's mistakes. I know you don't want to go too far in handing out props, but, come on. The kid was a monster the first half. At least give him some passing positives on the way to the rips.
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    Publicly, BP may tear a player to shreds, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I know I've read alot where BP will take a player aside to give him encouragement.

    Besides, with all the fans and teammates jocking him, you need BP to keep tossing reality checks his way. Let him know, he's still got a ways to go before becoming the next LT or whoever folks want to compare him to.
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    BP compared him to LT what bigger compliment do you want? Bill is going to harp on mistakes you have to, but that does not mean Bill is down on the kid. As Ware gets accustom to the NFL and his responsibilities he will make a greater impact on the field and I think that will happen as the season goes on. Bill knows that and has said as much.
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    Ware is plenty strong, he just needs to get better at using his hands to get seperation from the tackle. He'll be a big time player before hte season is up. he already made a big impact last game.
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    I need to watch the game more closely or tape it because I haven't seen him doubleteamed once the entire year.
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    I seen him on occasions bullrush the OT. Not much success with that.
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    Ware is having trouble with NFL tackles. Once they get to him they are stoning him. He'll adjust - he has the burst to turn the corner.

    I anticipate a 10 sack season for the kid.
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    Thank you. Bill loves "football guys". Ware is a football guy. Bill chose Ware. He's trying to make him the best he can be. I think when Bill says he's thinking tooo much is not a slam on the guy. It's the reality. Better than saying "he's not thinking". Sports is not all physical. Actually, I think it's 40% physical & 60% mental ... but that's just me.

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