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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ErikWilliamsHeadSlap, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Yes, Clark did do an okay job. Clady is better. Or at least he was before the injury. He was a pro-bowler and all-pro before Manning joined the Broncos. They are probably counting on him to return to form.
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    Good for him. I don't think he is worth that anymore but I truly hope he proves me wrong. Hopefully the Boncos have enough talent they can avoid overplaying Ware and keep him healthy for later in the season and a playoff run.
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    If you are Elway ... dont you HAVE to go all in with free agents? You only have so long to get a ring with Manning. You just reload every year and take another shot until he retires. Hopefully you will have a SB win in there somewhere.
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    we all love demarcus ware from troy, alabama. the unfortunate element in pro sports is where athletes who are making MILLIONS is the fact that they are leaving the team where the fans, the people, have supported them from the very beginning for more money. good bye to you people who have been there for me and my family from the beginning because i'm going somewhere else to make MORE MONEY. I know the whole point is to make money unless you've already made millions in this town and can easily reduce my contract to continue to help MY TEAM win and compete. I like to go back to bill bates who made i'm guessing $300,000 in 1992 yet was offered like three million by another team in 1993. his response was hell no. tom landry drafted me in 1983. he, dallas people, then the new coach and the new staff chose to keep me. had confidence in me. he said my home and family is here in dallas, texas! I aint leaving for more money. "I can make it on $300,000 a year". now, compare him to deon sanders who left atlanta for the hated division enemy san francisco. then to the hated dallas cowboys. then to the hated washington redskins. then the really disliked baltimore ravens for MONEY. NO LOYALTY. NONE. MONEY. way to go bill bates!!!! he's one my favorite cowboys of all time!!! bill bates!!! now, let's get back to demarcus ware. the opposite. so, what do you do. i think 31 year old demarcus who's a speed rusher has lost his speed. the last five games of the season? nothing. truly, good luck in denver. but he could have done whatever he wanted to do. go cowboys!!!!
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    That is not particularly good news for us. I mean our 'trenchmen' are not exactly dominating anyone.
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    I don't think it means the organization is head in a better direction. We still have a coach who is too conservative on offense, the offensive play calling is a mess and this team can't even stay remotely healthy under this head coach. The organization still has the defensive philosophy of finding 'cover corners' that can't tackle versus finding top quality safeties. The game is different these days and you have to have more physical corners and the safeties are asked to do more things. We also like to try and skirt by at guard. And we have an aging QB that we just made an extension to that wasn't necessary.

    Contrary to popular belief around here, we are far from the worst organization in football. But, we tend to continue to make certain mistakes, over-and-over again. I just listed some of them and while the team does have quite a bit of talent (Romo, Murray, Witten, Dez, Beasley, Tyron, Frederick, Lee, etc)...those mistakes continue to hamstring this organization. So while I think we need to take a tougher stance on players that we developed that are hitting 30 years old, there's too many other key mistakes this organization needs to fix because cutting the D-Ware's and Miles Austin's of the world won't solve those issues.

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    You're going to feel foolish when you see the Terrell McClain and Jeremy Mincey signing threads.
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    I didn't make the initial comparison, in fact, I refuted it and you challenged that assessment by suggesting something nonsensical about the relevant contract durations.

    There is nothing admirable about boxing your team into a corner cap-wise and losing a player you wanted to keep while simultaneously eating the equivalent of a top player's salary you needed desperately for his replacement, just because your over-leveraged cap structure couldn't have sustained an even bigger hit to keep him.
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    Well, that was an interesting read.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Baltimore 2013. Not too long ago.
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    Then we're on the same page when it comes to Ware/Seymour comparison.

    The Cowboys could have kept Ware and redid other/additional contracts but it was his precipitous fall off in production that ushered in his demise. In addition I'm seeing many teams do the exact same thing with players that are overpaid given their production.
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    I agree. It almost seems like a desperate sales effort to get Peyton to stay around. When he retires, this team goes to the bottom of the scrap heap.

    Elway doesn't know NFL personnel. He's just throwing money at players he's heard of to keep them from interviewing with Belichick.

    It smacks of Dan Snyder.
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    Good for Ware, since Denver is a team I follow,, I will be able to keep up with how he is doing.
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    Those are backups for next year that are better than Nevis, Rayford, etc.

    Watch Melton and Peppers. Both Marinelli guys. Then the draft. I'm intrigued.
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    Very much so.

    We've seen this type of spending before with other teams (like Dallas) and it usually doesn't lead to the ultimate prize.
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    You know he didn't leave for more money, right? The Cowboys forced him to take less or be cut. He just so happened to be offered more money after he was cut.
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    I realize that but with the state of the roster and our cap, I'd say the odds are good that these guys are going to have to play significant snaps and both are JAGs. One may even have to start.

    Please, in your response, show me some mercy and don't mention Rod Marinelli. I don't think I can take anymore of that.
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    You act like Ware wasn't a hot commodity in the draft. He played for the Cowboys and they paid him for his services. But let's not act like 1.) We've done a lot for him outside of that and 2.) that this is even the same regime that drafted him back in 2005.

    There's a difference between Ware and an URFA who has one big season and takes the big paycheck elsewhere.

    And even that guy isn't wrong.
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    Exactly. I actually prefer the way we're doing it now.
  20. JackWagon

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    i think you may be onto something ... :) it will be interesting.

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