Ware-Spencer-Hatcher-Crawford-Selvie-Bass- a First rounder

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Jan 17, 2014.

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    isn't it amazing we let our trenches get so bad?

    Good business model jerry, awesome!
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    The way you just spoke about them,why would you even want any of them back?
  4. Vinnie2u

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    I only want Selvie and crawford Back. I'm a member of the we should of blown this team up 2 years ago team.. however I know how jerry works...
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    That would be a good defensive line if those guys stay healthy.

    Yeah, lets blow this 8-8 team up. You dont really rebuild a team thats in the playoff running until the last day of the season.
    Drafting in the bottom half....
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    Overall a bunch of drafted rookies and what we have now is better than Hatcher and the scrubs off the street.

    It will be a pleasure replacing the overpaid "hasbeen" and money saved is a closer day to a fresh cap situation plus a replacement at half the cost and better to boot. The neighborhood Tomcat could block DeMarcus. Hatcher had a good year but he is old and greedy as I see it.

    You may see Crawford moved inside part time or full time. These guys with Selvie form 2-3 of the 4 needed at the position depaending how Crawford is used. It is a perfect year to replace the old guard and get young...and get better. "Instant Grits"
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    It makes more sense to let Crawford and Selvie compete for the SDE spot and find two starting tackles in the offseason. Ware? Who knows.
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    What is you're point? We don't know the secrets of the team such as injuries that may hamper some of the position players. We don't know that some guys are struggling because they don't understand the scheme fully yet. But we watch. And we know most of the information about who is taking all the money from the rest of the teams cap. The guys you mentioned many of them Ware, Spenc, Hatch will be bullet holes in our cap pocketbook. Any replacement will save a fortune and can be had at a reasonable expense, not over inflated deals. The number of dlinemen in free agency is listed and there may be a handful coming to Texas if the old and expensives are let go. The draft will give an even younger stud or two to our reborn line. And don't worry abut DeMarcus because he can sign a one day contract at the end of 2014 when his numbers decline again and he gets out of football. This team needs some new enrgy players that have attitude....team to beat attitude!
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    Actually Jerry looks good with his offensive line manuvering. This could be another scoop of ice cream for the offensive line and maybe next year or two we get the cherry on top. Top 10 offensive line in 2013? I would say defenately. Sure would like to get smarter about dollars wasted on old players.
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    so your demoting Selvie? WDF
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    Cute. I am really sorry you have championed the rather illogical and football stupid idea of dumping our entire DL and now basic logical points hurt your feelings.

    You can smell the desperation after a post like this.
    Just sad.

    Ware has 18 sacks the past two seasons and no not 18 then 0.
    But you go right ahead and replace that with a semi-functional part-time DL that has 5.5 sacks in four years if you want to.
  12. Ratmatt

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    I agree with you on blowing it up.
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    Ware is a shell of his former self
    Spencer.. I didn't think much of keeping him before his prolonged knee injury
    Hatcher... I was a big fan of his at the beginning of the season but he started talking about money and then hurt his neck and hasn't been the same.. I think age and Ratliff-itis caught up to him
    Selvie- Maybe but I think he might be better with a rotation but I'd be happy keeping him.
    Crawford - the decision is still out. By all accounts he was really coming on before his injury so we'll have to see.
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    Hell no!
  15. starfrombirth

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    Tell me that Ware is playing like the Ware you have in your head. Go ahead, I dare you... He is not close to that beast that we came to love and if we ever want to compete then we can't keep holding on to a fantasy. And as for Hatcher, as I said in another post, he caught Ratliffitis. He started talking about money, hurt his neck, and wasn't even close to being productive the rest of the year. So yeah, roll with the draft.
  16. ufcrules1

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    Yes, but Ware and Hatch are at the end of their careers. Hatch FINALLY had a decent season but is getting old and we all know what happens to aging players in Dallas. We over pay them and then they screw us. Just look at Ware for a prime example.

    There is life after Ware and Hatcher and I want us to work on our future NOW. These guys we have now are used to losing.
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    Ha ha. Too funny. I had to think about that one for a moment.
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    You have to understand the game to understand how important the players are at the line of scrimmage that don't get their name called very often.
  19. Alexander

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    No, but that will not stop our dysfunctional and inept front office to count on them like they are "extra draft picks". You can put Matt Johnson in there too.
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    It was a joke.

    You have to admit it's a little funny that you were discussing Ware and quoted the combined sack stats for Ware + Hatcher when Ware only had 6 of the 18.
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