Wares Agent Recap - Jerry Apologized to Ware, On good terms and Ware did not talk with NFCE teams

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Zordon, Mar 13, 2014.

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    If someone thinks, that Ware would go to NFCE for personal vendetta , instead to Denver ( great contract, chance to win SB) is wrong . But that doesn't change that Jerry is sometimes moron.
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    There are plenty of real GMs that handle situations poorly. Take the Patriots last season. They ask Tom Brady to restructure with the notion they will be able to re-sign Wes Welker, but instead let him go. If Ware is willing to accept Jones apology I don't know why fans can't.
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    Irrational hatred.
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    I dont totally buy the fact that Ware respected the Cowboys enough not to talk to nfc east teams. Im sure Denver was paying the most guaranteed money plus Denver gives him the best chance to win, no nfc east team could offer that combo.
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    It is safe to say at this time that DeMarcus Ware is a better human being than Jason Hatcher.
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    Ware and his agent should have asked Jerry and Steven what they are willing to pay Ware and then just sit silently waiting for a response. IMO big mistake revealing what you want first.
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    I see both sides of this. The players and the front office. After hearing what Holly had to say, knowing what Jerry Jones has said combined with other things, I get the sense that Jerry has been forced to come to terms with certain things.

    1. Ware just like Hatcher, Rat, Spencer, Columbo, Gurode, Flozell, Kosier, Miles, Sensabaugh, Hamlin, Crayton & others are either:
    A. Lessons Learned or
    B. Future Mistakes

    2. Certain Windows are Fastly closing for certain cowboy players. Given protection a franchise quarterback can play and win well into his 30s. Most other positions close to the 30-year-old range are too old to be counted on and paid Superstar Money unless you need that one player to get you over the hump. Obviously We are not.

    Parcells is a coach who preferred the veterans. So you can see why Jerry during that era which also led into the Wade era would hang on to those Vets.

    Now with Garrett & Marinelli, He,s seeing & being told that Youth & Depth are way more important to sustained success and growth then being good to players just because they,ve earned it.

    Ask around the league and players know Jerry Jones takes care of his players. Well I think Jerry is finally seeing that his loyalty to those players is coming at a fault in today's NFL. While we as fans may be sick to see number 94 go somewhere else and finish out his career, we just simply cannot pay him more than $3 million a year & expect to that to be Smart Money.

    Everyone knows Denver is taking a huge gamble paying the money they are to these FA's. Everyone also knows they're coming off the Super Bowl loss and need those one or two players to get them over the hump, where Dallas needs depth, youth & lots of it.

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    If his best opportunity was in NFC east with a rival. He should take it. What is this bs?
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    Good post. I hope and pray you're right. JJ didn't become a billionaire by being stupid, howevere his blind loyalty hasn't been rewarded. I think JRat was the straw that broke the camel's back....guy was a total malcontent. Spencer and Ware were ultra talented and productive but the money they cost this steam the last couple yrs certainly didn't match their on field production.

    Hope springs eternal. I like what we're doing....hope it continues with NOT signing Melton. NOT what this team needs to rebuild IMO. Tear it down so it can be built back up once and for all. It will be painful (3-5 win seasons in 14',15' and 16' ) but well worth it by 17'. this has been needed for 15 yrs.+
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