Warren Sapp stiffs waitress on a tip, then explains himself on Twitter

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Jul 2, 2014.

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    People claiming they were stiffed on a tip via social media is rivaling "stranded traveler needs a money transfer" in the Hall of Fame of hoax cliches, but nobody was kidding about Warren Sapp stiffing a waitress on a tip Tuesday.

    Sapp, a legendary defensive tackle with the Buccaneers and Raiders who also is legendary for being ornery at times, apparently went to a sports bar to watch the U.S. soccer team play its World Cup match. He and the other person he was with had a nice meal, with an appetizer, wings, a reuben sandwich, some Heinekens and a pizza. The bill came to $69.39. No big deal.

    But then the waitress didn't get a tip, and Sapp made sure the waitress knew he didn't just somehow forget it. The receipt ended up with ESPN.com's Darren Rovell.

    The message on the receipt was "Boys don't tip!" which seems odd. And the chances of this being a fake seemed reasonably high, until Sapp himself shot back on Twitter about it.
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    Has anyone ever had a female wait person refer to you as "boy"? I have. Usually when I am with other male friends. Never thought it was a big deal. Something like, "Would you boys care for anything else?"
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    Sapp is a COLOSSAL boor...

    He gets caught being cheap, then plays the race card... smh...

    He's been doing this for years. Manage your money and your seed...
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    How is it being cheap? If the service really was horrible why should he tip?

    And I was a waiter once upon a time, and a dang horrible one at that. I got some pretty crappy tips pretty often and deservedly so.
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    Still no excuses for not tipping 10 bucks other then being a cheap d-bag. Betcha dollars to doughnuts every bit of food was gobbled up as well.
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    He better not go back to that restaurant anytime soon or he will get a little secret sauce or something that isn't edible :D

    Some people will never learn, don't mess with the server until after your food arrives!

    Side note: there is never an excuse to not tip anything less than 10% and that is with bad service. Servers tip out 3% of sales, so the waitress paid about $2 to even wait on them.....she lost money on the table.
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    This is the same guy who filed for bankruptcy, then bet, I think Rick Ross on the SB.
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    Who says the service was bad?

    I have had friends that are like this and they usually come up with any excuse to say the service was poor and not tip. I just let them know that if you are with me, you're going to tip (unless the service is truly bad). And if not, I can't eat with you again.


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    LOL...... I agree and I think it's funny that you admit your shortcomings as a waiter. Not everybody is cut out for it. I'm with you, I would be a horrible Waiter as well I think.
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  10. DallasEast

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    There are sports bars with takeout service. If Mr. Sapp has a man cave, he could place an order for his party, pick it up, and enjoy the game at home. Watch game. No one constantly refering to you as boys. And no need to tip for any reason whatsoever. Seems simple enough.

    Then again, it's Warren Sapp. I wonder if he will ever return to that particular sports bar? Hope no one working there takes exception to him not tipping the waitress. He might end up eating the same special pie served in the movie, The Help. Yummy. lol.
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    None of us were there so It's just all speculation, but If the service really was that bad and the waitress was calling them "boys" in a condescending tone. Then in my opinion the $0 was justified, though maybe a penny would've been more fair.

    I know if I get terrible service then you're definitely not getting a tip. Got a problem with it? Maybe work harder next time and do your job, at least that's my response.
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    If I liked service math skills on tip are good.
    If I did not like service math skill on tip are bad.
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    I suggest that if someone truly thinks their service was bad, then they should ask to speak to the manager first before paying their bill and leaving or not leaving a tip. Just leaving a low or zero tip really doesn't accomplish much. Speaking to a manager can be helpful in some way, if it is a good manager.

    I was out with a group of friends for lunch during a work day. There were 6 of us and we got seated the moment we arrived. The waitperson who waited on us also waited on a table of 12 that arrived about 10 minutes after we did. We waited a while and noticed our waitperson never came back after taking our initial orders. No drink refills, no nothing. We noticed that the 12 top got their food orders first and that was even after a good 30 minute wait for them. The waitperson saw me waving and gave me the "I'll be with you in a minute sign", but still did not come by. As we all had to go back to work and our food had not arrived after being seated for now 45 minutes we asked another waitperson to send the manager over. We explained to them what had happened and that our wait person just never came by out table to at least explain the circumstances. The manager comped the whole tab and then bagged up everything for us to take even though that still took an additional 10 minutes. It was worth speaking to the manager and who knows, they may have led to the waitperson doing a better job in the person or perhaps getting replaced with someone better. I don't think just leaving a zero tip accomplishes those types of changes, but speaking to a manager at least might.
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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I agree, we don't really know all the circumstances. However, I would say this. IMO, there is a difference in calling a person BOY and calling several people boys. JMO
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    I've had family that has had dinner at several bucanneer dinner get togethers and I've heard that Sapp gets a little rude when he is around food.
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    Wheres Mr. Pink when you need him to explain no tipping.
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    Warren Sapp. And since it's his money, he should have the right to determine whether or not his service was bad.

    Were you there?
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  18. Rack Bauer

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    What's that got to do with him tipping (or not tipping) a waitress for what he said was bad service?

    Oh that's right... not a freakin' thing.
  19. CashMan

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    Not tipping, would speak volumes of your character. I highly doubt he had bad service. Filing bankruptcy would also speak about your character. Both involve money, both involve ethics and morals.
  20. Manwiththeplan

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    What does filing for bankruptcy say about your character?
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