Water on Mars may mean trouble not life

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    Water on Mars May Not Mean Life, but May Mean Trouble

    By Mark Whittington | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Mon, Sep 10, 2012

    It has been an axiom that where there is water, particularly on Mars, there may well be life. Microbial life has been found to have survived in even the most extreme environments, according to JPL, as long as water is present.
    Thus the hope persists that if scientists can find liquid water on Mars, life might be present. However a couple of stories suggests that not only that may not be the case, but if, say, the Curiosity rover were to find water on Mars, it could be more trouble than not.
    Why water may mean life on other worlds
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory explains that since the 1980s, scientists have noted that life can exist in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, in areas of extreme heat, extreme cold, or extreme pressure that are inhospitable to humans or complex animals. From this insight, it has been extrapolated that extraterrestrial life might exist in tiny niches, say in sub surface bodies of water. Thus the search for life on Mars has actually been the search for water, which may have mixed with minerals crucial for the formation of life billions of years ago.
    Water may not mean life on Mars
    A new theory, reported in the Los Angeles Times, suggests that water may not mean life on Mars after all. According to a new paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, clay deposits on Mars, which have been cited as evidence that Mars at one time had liquid surface water, may have been formed by volcanic magma that was rich in water. Such magma would have been too hot for any kind of life, even microbial, to have survived. This goes against the two prevailing theories that the clays were formed by relatively cool water, either on the surface or underground, warmed by Mars's internal heat. On the other hand, all three theories may hold true, depending on what part of Mars one is looking at.

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    Some interesting ideas I had not thought of before.
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    This is why scientists think there may well be life on Europa, and a few of Jupiter's other moons. Consider it like finding life beneath the deep surfaces of Antarctica.
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    Why don't we just throw some cockroaches onto Mars and see if they survive?

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    problem with that is in a couple of hundred years their descendents might come back looking for revenge
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    Yahoo. :facepalm:

    I try so hard to get my wife change her home page away from Yahoo. Yahoo is just steps away from being a tabloid.

    Now, on to the story. They think because there was magma that is so hot that life could not survive and that there couldn't be life now? Umm, those Yahoos do realize that the Earth was a ball of molten rock at one time. One so hot that nothing could live, yet there is all kinds of life on Earth today. Why couldn't some for of life exist today?

    As for contamination of water. My guess is they won't find water, but ice. The temperature on the Martian surface is between 70F to -220F. The 70F would be near the Martian equator. That is where you would find liquid water, but if it's there it would be deep underground and Curiosity wouldn't be able to find it. I believe the deepest Curiosity can probe with its equipment is about 3-6 feet.

    The most likely places to find water near the surface would be near or in the polar regions. The temperature there would be well below zero and any water would be ice.
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    Not many steps, not many steps at all....
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    It means ice is melting due to mean-spirited life on Mars harming the enviroment.
    We are screwed.
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    I like to think that a Bigfoot once roamed there too :rolleyes:

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