News: Waters plays four series in Dallas debut

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Waters didn’t get a lot of playing time, either. He rotated in at right guard for two series in each half, playing a total of 18 snaps.

    Waters has only had six practices with the team, so coach Jason Garrett wanted to ease the six-time Pro Bowler into the mix.

    “I didn’t want to play him too many snaps,” Garrett said. “He did practice the last couple weeks, and he felt good, so we want to get him in there and just get him working. It seemed like he did a good job, and it seemed like he handled the work OK.”

    Waters’ analysis of his performance: “Some good. Some bad. Not enough to win.”

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    on one play i saw waters completely throw down his man like a rag doll.
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    Yep, I saw that too....and first time they ran behind him they got 5 yards. I am really frustrated by the playcalling. For the fans, it is hard to know who to be ticked at though. Callahan, or Romo? Of the plays that get called, I wonder what percentage are being run. It seems like Romo is making some form of adjustment or audible on EVERY play. If that is the case, we might as well just let him run the offense and call the plays.
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    I am not bashing here. But, I am still sick and tired of seeing the play clock down to 2 or 1 and them barely getting the play off. I don't know who to blame. Probably nobody yet. It was game two. Lot of football left. But, this play calling and such needs to be fixed. The players know this offense. Why is it so tough for them?

    Loved seeing Waters throw that guy down. Awesome. Hopefully he and Fredericks will bring some nasty to the O-line.
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    From what i have read - this is not due to anyones "fault" but is by design and will be here to stay. Not that i am a big fan of this, but i have read that it is to allow Romo time to make calls and adjustments.

    I have to say that so far this year they continue to get the play off quite well for a team that has the QB still yelling and pointing with 2 seconds left on the clock. Romo seems to get the snap off right before delay of game and remains pretty calm all the way down to the wire.
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    After how it turned out yesterday , I would ban him from ever doing another audible.
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    I do think there is fascination with Peyton Manning by owner and staff and they really want Romo to be that same guy at the line deciphering defensive alignment pre-snap down to last second. With Peyton is just looks more cohesive.
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    We really need to speed up this offense if we want to compete IMO.
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    I guarantee if its 3rd and goal from the 8 and D. Thomas has single coverage, Manning isnt going to hesitate to throw it his way.

    More times than not I really feel like the only person Romo is out smarting out there is himself.
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    There were even linemen waving arms telling him to hurry up. That will come back to bite them in the keester, as it has in the past, in a huge game. Shouldn't be here to stay. Should be fixed. Other qb's seem to have no problem audibling out of a play and having time on the clock. Is it the players around him? The coaches? Romo? Just don't know. But, it is not good.

    Okay, done with Sunday. It's Tuesday and onto the Rams.
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    I think there is truth to this.
  12. dallasdave

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    Waters will bring some attitude to the o-line.
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    We'll be replacing one of the very worst OGs in the league with potentially, one of the better, if not the best.
    That move has all the earmarks of being successful. Once Leary and Frederick gain additional valuable experience, things should gradually begin clicking noticeably better within the interior of our OL.

    It's not enough simply to have the most capable linemen in place but just as crucial to have those who are able to operate together without a hitch. For that to happen, it takes time and experience working together as a unit. I don't think there's any doubt that the OL will improve noticeably once those things come about. Patience, m'friends.
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    Good post.

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